Raekwon To Joe Budden, “You Gotta Watch Your Mouth”

Raekwon To Joe Budden, “You Gotta Watch Your Mouth”

Wu-Tang Clan‘s Raekwon has come to the defense of Method Man and warned Joe Budden about his recent comments, wherein he challenged Method’s rap skills after he viewed the results of Vibe‘s “Best Rapper Alive” list.

The Staten Island rep weighed in on Joey’s recent comments and claimed the Jersey emcee copied Mef’s flow.

“I was hurt by Joe’s comment,” Rae explained in an interview. “He seems like a cool dude, but I don’t appreciate him going at Meth like that. [Joe Budden] must’ve been feeling himself. You don’t play a legend who, like Method Man, did a lot for hip-hop…Joe bit off him anyway. When you listen to ‘Pump It Up,’ real n*ggas know where that flow came from. I’m not a battle rapper, but I will skin a n*gga, anybody. And, in my opinion, he isn’t better than Meth, never. You gotta watch what your mouth. Joe was out of character.” (Billboard)

Along with receiving heat from artists, a website was recently launched called BetterThanJoe.com which aims to mock the rapper.

Featuring diss tracks going at Joe Budden, the site asks online readers if ‘You’re Better Than Joe Budden?’ along with playing audio and video of legends like Melle Mel calling him the ‘A** crack of hip-hop.’ Readers may become members of the site and join in discussion boards on whether or not they feel Budden deserves his accolades. (BetterThanJoeBudden)

Despite the controversy and including Mef’s name in who he felt should be ranked high on the list, Joe recently said he may have made a wrong decision.

“I will say it was in bad taste to single him out,” Budden said in an interview. “There was a large group of people I was talking about, it just so happens that he was the best fit because he was at the top. I could have went on and on and the world would have been mad at Joe Budden not just Method Man and the Wu-Tang Clan. I reached out to him and tried to apologize for the bad taste not for what I said. I stand behind what I said wholeheartedly.” (Forbes DVD)

Upon hearing an earlier interview with Budden, Mef responded to Joey’s initial rant.

“I heard about the joint on the Internet man and my folks advised me to take the high road ’cause like yo, I’m a smart n*gga,” Method said in an interview. “So, I knew off top this dude tryin’ to bait me. All these years I’ve been putting out joints man, all of a sudden he pick this time to come out with his little comment or whatever, nah mean? Tryin’ to bait a brother ’cause he know my album ’bout to drop…Every week he picks somebody else to mess with and I ain’t heard nobody ever respond to this dude unless they on that same level as him. So as far as battle rapping, Joe Budden gets it in. I’m not a battle rapper. But I’ll tell you this, I’ll meet any challenge from any challenger.” (Ed Lover In The Morning Show)

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