Raekwon Reacts To Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” Remix Music Video

Raekwon Reacts To Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” Remix Music Video

New York rap veteran Raekwon has stepped forward to speak out in light of news surrounding a delayed “Wu-Tang Forever” remix and, notably, Drake shooting a music video for the unreleased track.

Brief and to the point, the “Chef” denied participating in the unreleased music video’s creation.

“I heard they did it,” Raekwon said regarding the music video for “Wu-Tang Forever” in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “I wasn’t present, but [I] hope it comes out great.” (HHDX)

According to reports, Drizzy and New York rapper A$AP Rocky teamed up on Sunday (January 12) to begin shooting the mystery track’s music video.

Here’s what we know: The clip was directed by A$AP Rocky (per Jessy Terrero) and shot on the rooftop of an apartment building. Both rappers performed in front of an egg white grand piano. Wearing a black hoodie and Timbs, Drake sipped hot chocolate between takes, while A$AP poured out a brown-bagged 40 in the final scene. Members of the Wu-Tang Clan were rumored to make a cameo in the video, but weren’t spotted on set. The original song, which only features Drake, appears on his Grammy-nominated album Nothing Was the Same. (Rap-Up)

Wu-Tang leader RZA recently said he fully rode behind the Toronto native’s ode-driven track and helped him avoid costly sample fees.

“I appreciate it. He sent me [the] song because they couldn’t clear the sample. So I did it myself, personally, for free. Free of charge. Because to me, that’s what we meant when we said Wu-Tang is forever. We didn’t think we were going to live forever. We meant that the energy of what we do would spread on in culture, generation by generation. And by Drake absorbing it and having that influence in his life and having it be a part of him, it proves what I’m saying. And I’m really proud that he chose that rap.” (Rolling Stone)

Last fall, Raekwon admitted his verse for the track’s revamped version had not yet been recorded.

“I ain’t get a chance to bust my joint off yet, but I talked to Drake and we’re gonna get to it. It just was like, we were on the road, things were happening so quick,” Rae explained to MTV News on Saturday on the set of Troy Ave’s “New York City” music video. “Some brothers were able to go in there and smash out, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get there yet, but it’s gonna happen though.” (MTV)

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Check out “Wu-Tang Forever”:

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