Raekwon Promises “OB4CL2″ Gold Edition, Questions Fans About “Purple Tape Part 2″ Release

Raekwon Promises “OB4CL2″ Gold Edition, Questions Fans About “Purple Tape Part 2″ Release

Wu-Tang Clan‘s Raekwon has reached out to fans to remind them of the upcoming release of his Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 2 Gold Edition album.

The “Chef” also asked his core fans, via Twitter, if they would be interested in copping a new edition of his renowned Purple Tape cassette series.

“OB4CL2 Gold edition is still on tha way it don’t stop! My bro Donp came up wit a better idea for it. Expect tht @ihategamerecord on there!,” he wrote referencing the addition of a Game track. “In expect another classic new song wit a surprise guest on there as well! Rt this crack! Jus a curious question if I would make another purple tape wit part 2 on it would ya get that? Even tho casette players are gone now…. Hmmmmmmm…….. Good feedback….. BE CAREFUL 4 WHAT U ASK FOR!!” (Raekwon’s Twitter)

The rapper’s 1990’s solo album, Cuban Linx, was widely known as the “Purple Tape.”

Cuban Linx is commonly referred to as The Purple Tape because the original cassette’s plastic was entirely purple; Raekwon marked the tape distinctively as a reference to drug dealers’ method of tagging their product. (Wikipedia)

Aside from his music, Rae oversees the operations of record company Ice H20.

“One thing about my company, we all try to communicate every day,” he explained in an interview. “I feel like if we don’t, that’s going to be the weapon to destroy us. Christine Eva. I got a young cat coming out of North Carolina, he’s 11 years old. His name is Little Justice. I think he’s going to be the next Lil Romeo or the next Bow Wow. I want to help them be able to teach kids their age, too. I got children. I want to show them that, hey, y’all can’t listen to what we talk about, but y’all can listen to what he’s talking about…. It’s a positive side to what we’re doing as well, other than just talking about so much of the street life, the other things that we talk about. Shorty will be my protégé when it’s time to speak on that level to the younger generation. That’s important to me.” (Entertainment Weekly)

CNN’s Nore recently spoke on joining Raekwon’s record label.

“I can’t even say that it’s guidance,” he shared about Rae’s position in an interview. “I can just say that you know what Rae adds to the whole thing is like when we had Trag around, Trag brought that like older brother element around and that’s the same thing Rae brings. When he’s around he’s like a older brother.” (XXL Mag)

Check out some past Raekwon footage below:

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