Raekwon Calls Drake “The Male Version Of Lauryn Hill”

Raekwon Calls Drake “The Male Version Of Lauryn Hill”

Wu-Tang Clan‘s Raekwon recently shared his thoughts on some of rap’s current stars including Diddy, Drake and Andre 3000.

From Rae’s perspective, Puff Daddy’s rap legacy is unquestionable.

“Puff is the Donald Trump of rap,” he revealed in an interview. “You have to respect his business antics. A lot of people don’t realize that Puffy was doing this sh*t before a lot of us even came into the game. And he still has the energy to know great music when he hears it. I look at him as a younger Russell Simmons. He put a lot into hip-hop.” (VIBE)

The “Chef” also revealed his views on rap newcomer Drake and OutKast‘s Andre 3000.

“This kid [Drake] is a phenomenon. He’s like a young pharaoh with a great talent. I call him the male version of Lauryn Hill. He can go this way or that way. I heard him mentioning the Wu in one of his new songs. So I know he understands the music…Three Stacks is a combination of many different things. He reminds me of a Jimi Hendrix, a RZA with super lyrical skills. You really can’t define this dude. At the end of the day he’s just a bad motherf*cker. He’s a walking gem.” (VIBE)

In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Diddy proclaimed his rap greatness.

“I was the first on the jet. I was the first running the marathon. I was the first donating millions of dollars. I was the first. I was the first with the 10 million records sold. I was the first with the label. I was the first with the renegotiations. F*ck a Forbes list–I was on the cover of Forbes. There is going to be someone that will pass me, but as long as I’m on the court, they are not going to be badder than me, because there is too much catching up to do…There is not one muthaf*cka that’s here now who is going to outwork me. That is not going to happen, not right now. Maybe if I slow down, but to this day, no one can f*ck with me when it comes to getting busy and working.” (XXL Mag)

Last year, Diddy talked about how he has been able to keep his Bad Boy brand popular for nearly two decades.

“With me and [Jay-Z], you gonna have to get down or lay down anyway,” Diddy said in an interview. “There’s other rules to this game that you gonna have to abide by. At the end of the day, we understand. We understand the importance of telling the truth. If you’re just getting into the game, you’re probably telling a lie anyway because you’re telling somebody else’s game. If we still here, we’re still here because we’re telling the truth. Number two, we have relationships, and number three, we still know how to make hit records. That’s what this thing is about. You could be five years old, 70 years old — you make a hit record, it’s gonna stand the test of time. It’s something the game has to get used to.” (MTV)

Check out Raekwon speaking with SOHH about Diddy below:

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