Raekwon Builds Hype For Upcoming Eminem & Nas Collabos

Raekwon Builds Hype For Upcoming Eminem & Nas Collabos

Wu-Tang Clan‘s Raekwon has hinted at a few upcoming collaborations with Grammy-winning rapper Eminem and veteran Nas.

Writing via Twitter, the “Chef” said he linked with the emcees while in Switzerland.

“ok since yall dont think its me imma show yall, just met my dude @eminem today in switzerland, collabo gonna happehttp://twitpic.com/23wgru,” he wrote Friday (July 9) night.

“we spoke for a few but he had a ill story he said when he was gettin on he came to staten for parkhill day in 97 and that blew my mind!”

“Also seen my brother @nas tonight as well and theres alot more collabos in the works for us but also got some footage 4 yall!” (Raekwon’s Twitter)

Last March, Dipset‘s Juelz Santana opened up about his admiration toward Eminem.

“Eminem is my n*gga, seriously, that’s what I been trying to get on the ‘Rap Cemetery’ with me and [Lil Wayne], Eminem,” Santana said in a UStream broadcast. “Because he puts n*ggas in the rap cemetery for real. Em, holla at me, get at me, what’s up? I’m here. That’s the only n*gga I really, you know, that I’ll get on aUStream or anywhere like, ‘Yo, I need to holler at Em.’ I f*cks with Em hardbody, matter of fact, I might have to call Weezy up and have him connect the dots for me. They just put that little nice f*cking ‘Drop The World’ on you…” (UStream TV)

Recently, Raekwon talked about putting together his recent Cocainism Volume 2 mixtape.

“For me it’s like being on the street — you hustling,” he said about being active in the mixtape circuit. “You come out and you know it’s a thousand people on the block doing their thing. You gotta get in where you fit in. I might come out with a couple of extra jams just to get my name out — like, yo, give a couple of friends something for free, just to let ‘em know. ‘It’s over here. Taste that. Taste that! Taste that and let me know how you feel. Get back at me.’ I think that’s the same rules that apply to the mixtape situation. (MTV)

Rae is currently scheduled to perform at the upcoming Rock the Bells festival next month.

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Check out a recent Raekwon interview below:

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