“R. Kelly’s Throat & Voice, That’s What’s Been Making Him A Legend All This Time”

“R. Kelly’s Throat & Voice, That’s What’s Been Making Him A Legend All This Time”

After the unexpected reports of R. Kelly undergoing emergency throat surgery hit the Internet earlier this week, SOHH reached out to the R&B veteran’s “Crazy Night” Untitled production contributor Verse Simmonds to get his reaction.

Surprised by the news, Verse said he wished only the best and a speedy recovery for Kells.

“That’s crazy because you’re the first person that’s telling me about that, I didn’t even hear,” Verse told SOHH slightly in shock when informed about Kells’ throat complications. “I hadn’t even heard about that. That’s crazy. I really hope he gets well. His throat and voice, that’s what’s been making him a legend all this time. So I really hope he gets that checked out and gets that fixed.” (SOHH)

Asked what artists can do to protect their necks, Simmonds recommended a few remedies but stressed the importance of singers valuing their body instruments.

“Tea is always good, honey and lemon as well,” Verse added referring to what remedies are good for keeping an artist’s throat in good condition. “A lot of artists take stuff like that for granted because they think it’s our voice and it’s not going to go anywhere. But it’s always good to take care of it. It’s an instrument like any other instrument. You have to try and fine tune it. As a singer, I try to pay attention to stuff like that.” (SOHH)

After undergoing surgery on Tuesday and thanking fans for their support via Twitter, the iconic singer was discharged from the hospital.

The R&B star has been discharged from a Chicago hospital after undergoing emergency throat surgery. “He left the hospital last night and is recuperating at home in Chicago,” says publicist Allan Mayer. “Still no word on when he’ll be able to resume performing.” (E! Online)

Along with working on Kells’ 2009 Untitled solo album, Verse is making a name for himself alongside other music stars.

Verse continues to work at his craft and has scored songwriting and production credits on records for Jay-Z/Kanye West‘s upcoming Watch The Throne CD, radio stalwart Rihanna’s hit single, “Man Down,” R. Kelly’s “Crazy Night” for his Untitled CD, and an overseas gold album for Capital Records recording artist Accent. In addition to that, with work on Jerry Wonda and Brian Michael Cox releases under his belt, Verse Simmonds is headed in the right direction. (Press Release)

Check out R. Kelly’s “Crazy Night” below:

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