Questlove, Cocoa Chanelle & More Air Out Lil Reese: “A B*tch N*gga, That’s The Sh*t I Don’t Like”

Questlove, Cocoa Chanelle & More Air Out Lil Reese: “A B*tch N*gga, That’s The Sh*t I Don’t Like”

The Roots’ Questlove, DJ Cocoa Chanelle, Chase N. Cashe and more have all reacted to viewing Chicago rapper Lil Reese‘s disturbing footage leaked online showing him attacking a female.

Questlove directly went at Reese’s head by calling out his manhood for beating up a woman.

“a b***h n***a, THAT’S the s**t i DON’T LIKE,” Quest tweeted with a link directing people to the disturbing footage. (Questlove’s Twitter)

Cocoa Chanelle could not comprehend how some men could defend Reese’s actions.

“that Lil Reese footage is disturbing, its even more disturbing seeing comments from GROWN men condoning it. what if that was your daughter?” (DJ Cocoa Chanelle’s Twitter)

Chase N. Cashe tried to apply logic and common sense to what went down in the video.

“I don’t condone any violence. I do condone the use of Common Sense.,” he tweeted.

“And let’s admit a lot of time these loud mouth bihs don’t be using common sense knowing they dealing with wild street n*ggas.”

“N*ggas talking about ending Reese career lame as sh*t though. Playas f*ck up too!” (Chase N. Cashe’s Twitter)

Music producer A-Trak has vowed to boycott playing Reese’s music.

“Sooooo you won’t be hearing me play any Reese records. Boycott that dude, fuck it.” (A-Trak’s Twitter)

Footage of the controversial attack landed online early Thursday (October 25).

There is a video going around that shows Lil Reese, a rapper from Chicago who just got signed to a major label, beating the life outta some girl. Lil Reese claims the video was filmed a year or two ago. I don’t listen to Lil Reese’s music or know anything about him, but I read a few tweets from hip hop blogs that claim the girl Lil Reese was beating is actually his baby momma. According to statistics, one in four women (25%) has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime, and one in five teens in a serious relationship reports having been hit, slapped, or pushed by a partner. So if she is a battered baby momma, she is not alone. (Chicago Now)

Watch the NSFW footage below:

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