Queen Of Hip-Hop Declares She’s Out & Proud? [Updated]

Queen Of Hip-Hop Declares She’s Out & Proud? [Updated]

Hollywood star/rapper Queen Latifah has reportedly come forward after years of speculation to reveal her sexuality, admitting she is a lesbian.

According to reports, Latifah broke the news at a recent gay pride event.

Queen Latifah performed at Long Beach Gay Pride and publicly came out as lesbian for the first time with a big, telling gesture on Saturday (May 19). Truthquake.com staff was in the audience to watch her rap, sing and offer some supportive information as the headliner for the LGBT festival. The Truthquake.com exclusive video and photo, which can be seen below, shows the moment Queen Latifah seemingly came out as gay publicly. (Truthquake)

Reports of her participation at the recent Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival emerged online earlier this week.

As the 4th largest gay pride celebration in the country, the Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride event takes place every year and draws tens of thousands of folks from all over. When Latifah took the stage, she sang memorable hits, such as U.N.I.T.Y. and “Ladies First.” She reportedly was full of energy, vibrancy, and echoed positive verses as “conquer hate with love.” The oft-gossiped-about performer, who has been haunted by years of whispers about her cloaked sexuality, said, “I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time,” and then added that she was proud to be among “her people.” (News One)

Since the remarks, the verdict still remains on whether or not she officially came out.

She told the audience “I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time” and “Y’all my peeps. I love you!” Of course, those comments could be taken as simply being friendly as any performer, straight or gay, might in establishing rapport with the audience. But she also was reported to have said that she was proud to be among “my people” that evening. She also made several inspirational comments between songs, such as “Let your inner light shine in the world” and “Conquer hate with love”. Was it her coming out? Perhaps. It could be her first tentative steps towards edging out of the closet. But we’ll have to wait for much more definitive announcement to know for certain. (Straight)

Last week, Latifah publicly announced she would grace the event’s stage.

“Happy Friday! Come see the Queen Rock tomorrow. Long Beach Pride! 8:30 sharp!,” she tweeted May 18th.

“Thank You to Everyone who Came to the show tonight! We had a Blast!!!!” (Queen Latifah’s Twitter)

Check out coverage of the event below:

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