Pusha T’s Still Grindin’, Says Don’t Count Clipse Out Just Yet

Pusha T’s Still Grindin’, Says Don’t Count Clipse Out Just Yet

G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T has sent out a reminder to diehard The Clipse fans that despite his situation at Kanye West‘s star-studded label, there will be another joint album with his brother in rhymes No Malice.

According to Pusha, his sole focus is on the upcoming My Name Is My Name LP but acknowledges a Clipse album is not too far into the future.

“When it comes to the Clipse, that’s a special brand to me. Me and Malice talk about doing a Clipse album,” Push told MTV News on the set of his “Doesn’t Matter” video last week. The G.O.O.D. Music rhyme dealer didn’t give a timeframe on when the album would drop, but he and his brother are taking the recording process very seriously. “I’m not into toyin’ around with that, like just dropping records that ain’t related to an album,” he said. “We owe our fans something super special, so when it’s time to do that, we just gonna zone in and focus in on that.” (MTV)

Back in December 2011, Pusha T publicly announced another Clipse project would follow 2009’s Til the Casket Drops.

Last night at a show hosted by the good folks at Rap Radar, G.O.O.D. Music rapper Pusha T entered to “What Dreams Are Made Of” setting off a blast of energy in NYC’s Gramercy Theater. Push A Ton kicked most of his recent work–a notable exception is the “Sweet Freestyle,” which is thought to be a Drake diss–as well as a few older records. Rocking out to a packed house, Pusha decided to make some announcements towards the end of his set. “2012 G.O.O.D. Music Album…2012 Pusha T Solo Album…2012 New Re-Up Gang Music…2012-2013 New Clipse Album, yeauck,” Push told the packed audience. (Hip Hop Wired)

Last summer, No Malice talked about what fans could expect from his own solo effort.

He hopes his solo album, Hear Ye Him, sheds more light. “The first song from that project is entitled ‘June,'” No Malice told XXL at the All Access Music Conference in New York City’s Webster Hall, where he was signing autographs in support of his Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind And Naked book that he dropped last year. “The video just came out, so ya’ll check for the video. And my second single, ‘Unforgettable,’ is also out. My next single is, ‘Bow Down No More’ and it’s featuring Bun B.” “I’m just trying to bring awareness to what I got going on,” he said. “Just trying to do my thing right now. I can’t look left or right…focused.” (XXL Mag)

Back in March, he officially changed his rap alias to “No Malice.”

Everyone bid farewell to the rapper you once knew as Malice, aka one half of coke-rap duo Clipse. And now, say hello to, um, No Malice. Yeap, that’s the name Gene Thornton is choosing to go by from here on out. And he’s making sure we all know that by releasing this video of him laying his former self to rest. As you’ll see below, Malice is in the casket of a funeral home, where No Malice says his goodbyes and reveals that a new project, Hear Ye Him!, is due out this summer. Interesting.. (Prefix Mag)

Check out some recent Pusha T footage:

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