Pusha T Wants Credit For Attacking YMCMB: “Nobody Stood Next To Me & Blacked Out W/ Me” [Audio]

Pusha T Wants Credit For Attacking YMCMB: “Nobody Stood Next To Me & Blacked Out W/ Me” [Audio]

G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T recently offered his take on MTV’s annual “Hottest MCs in the Game” list and acknowledged how he went all or nothing against the entire Young Money/Cash Money team.

While he resisted an extensive rant on being omitted from the Top 10 list, Pusha pointed out he went directly at Lil Wayne and Drake’s home team.

“Let’s just look at what I did to people out here, I blacked out on a whole crew all year,” Pusha said in an interview. “All year long, I blacked out on a whole crew by myself, all year long. Nobody stood next to me and blacked out with me. I blacked out on a whole crew by myself. Like, I don’t belong on no list? And I’m talking about everybody, I blacked out on peoples’ favorites — I had emcees denouncing their fan base, denouncing their fan base and coming back with records talking about, ‘As long as my chicks love me.’ I did that…I don’t belong on no list? It’s cool, I’ve just got to work harder.” (Semtex TV)

Just last month, Pusha admitted he is down to go pound-for-pound with any rap battle challenger, even music rival Drake.

“Listen, at the end of the day, I’m ready for anything and anybody,” Pusha said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “I don’t, this is music to me, like, this is music, this is something I’m good at. Like, it’s something that I’m very good at. Like I said man, I’m spiteful. I’m saying, you’re asking me, so I’ve got to tell you, that’s real. I don’t shy away from anything. I’m not into it like that. And like I said, I keep it tasteful. I keep it tasteful and I keep it hip-hop, I keep it rap. Like, that’s it. I ain’t trippin’. And I’m not here to discredit what they’ve achieved. Drake is good. This is like real talk. These guys are good.” (Whoolywood)

Last spring, reports claimed Drake fired a shot at Pusha during a Washington, DC concert.

Drake’s YMCMB big homie Lil’ Wayne put out the diss track “Goulish” a couple days ago aimed at Pusha T in response to his “Exodus 23:1″ record, and now, Drizzy has some words of his own for Pusha. During his Club Paradise Tour set this weekend in Washington D.C., Drake said, “If you was doing 16s when I was 16 and your sh*t still flopped and you switched teams, don’t talk to me my n*gga.” This immediately set off a ton of Tweets saying that Drake had called out Pusha on stage. And with this, the drama continues. (Complex)

Young Money boss Lil Wayne took his issues with Pusha to the next level by dropping a diss record last May.

The beef is on. This evening YMCMB flagship artist Lil Wayne did the expected and dropped a scathing dis record titled “Goulish” aimed at Clipse lyrical monster Pusha-T. “F–k Pusha-T and everybody that love him. His head up his a** so I’ma have to head butt him” Wayne raps on the intro to the record. N*ggas can’t see me. Not even a glimpse. Too many banana clips, I feel like a chimps.” (RapFix)

Check out Pusha T’s interview:

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