Pusha T Trashes Lil Wayne’s ‘Dedication 4′ Mixtape: “It Wasn’t That Good” [Audio]

Pusha T Trashes Lil Wayne’s ‘Dedication 4′ Mixtape: “It Wasn’t That Good” [Audio]

G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T has weighed in on Lil Wayne‘s new Dedication 4 mixtape and took a moment to explain where his alleged Young Money feud started.

After bigging up labelmate Big Sean‘s new Detroit mixtape, Pusha revealed his uncensored opinion on Weezy F. Baby’s new underground effort.

“Yeah, yeah,” Pusha said when asked if he has heard D4. “It wasn’t that good. [Nothing crazy?] No, not at all. … Nicki [Minaj] got busy on ‘Mercy’ though. She got busy. She got busy. You’ve gotta give credit where it’s due. Nicki got busy. [What’s the deal with me and Wayne?] Man, ain’t no deal. Listen, it really ain’t. I think a lot of people take it a bit further. I don’t have a lot of ill will toward them. … I didn’t do that then though [in the mid-2000’s]. Back then it was a thing where people were talking about him and Bape and all that stuff. Bape ain’t mine — I was never saying anybody was trying to be like me but people were saying it and this was like the social media thing. They caused it and then he commented on it like it was me.” (“Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg”)

Last month, G.O.O.D. Music affiliate 2 Chainz offered his take on the Weezy/Pusha tensions.

“I have nothing to do with what Pusha is doing every day or what Wayne is doing every day,” he told CBS Local exclusively. “These are just peers of mine. I wouldn’t want nothing to happen to neither one of them. But I don’t referee or mediate. I mind my business. That’s why I’m here right now. When you come from the streets you learn to mind your own business.” (CBS Local)

Recently, the Clipse rapper explained his decision not to answer Lil Wayne’s “Goulish” diss record.

“I was surprised actually at the whole — anybody, but Wayne specifically, answering ‘Exodus.’ I’ve never seen one record that didn’t say any names cause so much of a firestorm,” Pusha told radio host Funkmaster Flex. “[‘Goulish?’] It was horrible. It was trash. It wasn’t good — I didn’t like [the production] either. Let me say this. I didn’t like it for that type of record. I didn’t feel like, in all honesty, I haven’t said anything about it because I didn’t think it was good enough to respond to.” (Hot 97)

Earlier this summer, Weezy F. Baby defended publicly going at Pusha after the release of his alleged subliminal “Exodus 23:1.”

“I just finished recording my “I Am Not a Human Being II” album. And we’re starting to work on the Young Money album,” Wayne said in an interview before addressing Pusha. “It really wasn’t no beef, you know. It was just me. I just reacted. Just a reaction, a simple reaction. I don’t apologize for it because I’m human. But it was just my human reaction. I don’t take it back. But there’s no beef. Beef is a whole different thing. … I’ll move on.” (The Washington Post)

Check out Pusha T’s interview below:

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