Pusha T To Show Us How To Push It “In America”

Pusha T To Show Us How To Push It “In America”

The Clipse’s Pusha T will get another opportunity to live up to his rap moniker, as reports claim he has landed a role on the HBO series “How To Make It In America”.

While details are still emerging, Pusha will take on the role of a drug dealer.

On the upcoming season of “How To Make It America” Pusha T will star alongside Bryan Greenberg and Kid Cudi for four episodes. He’ll portray a drug dealer who slangs that good green, not the white girl we’re used to hearing about (word to the “Blow” video). (Complex)

The series is expected to kick off season two, beginning this summer.

HBO’s How To Make It In America cast member Bryan Greenberg (Ben Epstein) recently revealed that the cast is already doing reads for the first few episodes, then will officially begin filming in Spring 2011, and then the new season will premier in Summer 2011. The first season was great and I’m glad to see what’s in store for our television sets in Season 2 (Weall Scheme)

In late 2009, Kid Cudi described the role he plays on the acclaimed HBO series.

“I have a lead role,” Cudi said in an interview. “My character’s name is Domingo Dean. I actually named my character after both of my brothers – Dean, who lives in Phoenix, being one of them, and Domingo. My character’s kind of the comic relief. He’s really witty – a hopeless romantic but a player at the same time.” (AZ Central)

Influenced by the series, Cudi previously said he hoped to eventually steer away from music and venture into acting.

Kid Cudi’s first acting gig is for the new HBO series “How to Make It in America.” When we caught up with him last night at a screening for the show, we wondered if he’ll ever give up music for acting. “I’m trying to evenly balance them out right now, but eventually I want to leave behind music and just do acting,” he said. “I only got into the music business to tell my story and inspire some people. I think four albums will do it, and when I’m done with my four, five albums, I’ll switch it up. Once the story is told [musically], there’s nothing else to say.” (NY Mag)

“How To Make It In America” is slated to start back up in the summer.

Check out some recent Pusha T footage down below:

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