Pusha T Shows Love To Serena & Venus Williams: “They Brought That Aggression Back To The Game”

Pusha T Shows Love To Serena & Venus Williams: “They Brought That Aggression Back To The Game”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T recently revealed his interest in watching professional tennis and how superstar sisters Serena and Venus Williams have elevated the sports world.

Pusha credited a video game from his youth for inspiring his undying love for tennis.

“I really think it was by accident. This is the weirdest story in the world. I started liking tennis as a kid when I was playing one of the game systems, it had to be Nintendo or something, and the game might have even come with the system. And for whatever reason I was playing it, I was like this is cool. I swear, ever since then, I’ve been watching tennis. Of course back then you had Agassi and you had the Agassi sneaker. You just had things [in tennis] that were related to style and fashion. There was always something associated with dope sneakers. The whole tennis look was fresh to me. And from there I got into the sport.” (Sports Illustrated)

He also delved into his respect for the Williams sisters and who will win the women’s U.S. Open.

“They’ve been extremely important to the game. You know what it is? They brought that aggression back to the game. Like that Martina Navratilova aggression. They brought that type of fight back to the women’s side of the game. … [Who’ll win the U.S. Open?] It’s got to be Serena.” (Sports Illustrated)

Earlier this month, Serena caught heat after crip walking following a gold medal-winning game at the London Olympics.

Serena Williams became only the second woman to complete a career Golden Slam when she won her first Olympic singles gold medal Saturday by beating Maria Sharapova 6-0, 6-1. The victory completed a remarkable run of domination by the No. 4-seeded Williams, who lost only 17 games in her six matches. She went 13-0 this summer at the All England Club, where she won her fifth Wimbledon title a month ago. The career Golden Slam was first achieved by Steffi Graf, who did it when she won at the Olympics in 1988 after sweeping all four major titles. Williams can add the gold medal to her 14 Grand Slam singles championships, the most of any active woman. (8 News Now)

Despite the bad press, West Coast rapper Mann hit up SOHH and came to her defense.

“I saw Serena Williams crip walking and I think she was gangster for doing that, honestly,” Mann told SOHH about the fellow West Coast entertainer. “I think that was pretty fly. Yeah, [it was more playful], exactly. I felt like she was just representing. And it kind of makes it, like, I know the Olympics is kind of serious but it can be fun, I feel like. You know? They can have fun if they win. As long as it’s not in an ill manner. I don’t feel like that was ill-mannered or ill. You know? Or ill intention. She was just having fun, she won.” (SOHH)

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