Pusha T Reveals Why He’s Dissing Lil Wayne & Birdman Again

Pusha T Reveals Why He’s Dissing Lil Wayne & Birdman Again

G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T has confirmed recent rumblings surrounding a new Ludacris track snippet where he goes at Cash Money’s top bosses and explained its motivation.

Rather than feed into the speculation, Pusha has let the world know Lil Wayne and Birdman are specifically targeted on the new teaser.

Though Lil Wayne wasn’t mentioned by name, avid hip-hop listeners were sure he was talking about the Young Money rapper. During P’s exclusive interview with VIBE, he confirmed that he was indeed talking about Weezy and Birdman. “It’s new and was for Luda’s album,” Pusha told VIBE. He also explained his motivation for the verse. “Oh, because it’s a Swizz beat. You got to blame Swizz. See, when Wayne got a Swizz beat… with the “Ghoulish” track; he got busy, well, he tried to.” (VIBE)

He also revealed what type of reaction Ludacris gave him over the diss.

Pusha says Ludacris wasn’t aware he would be taking shots at the YMCMB family and ended up asking him to change his verse upon hearing it. However, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper says he has no plans on doing so. “I play by old school rules. I play by the fundamentals and foundation of what hip-hop was based on,” Pusha explains on why he rarely mentions his targets by name. (VIBE)

Speculation on Pusha’s subliminal wordplay surfaced Wednesday (November 28) night.

A snippet recently surfaced of a new Ludacris song in which Pusha T is taking some shots at Birdman and Lil Wayne. From the lyrics that leaked it looks like Pusha is only taking subliminal shots at the two, which is not very new, but it’s still very clear who he is talking about. Check out the lyrics below and look out for this song to drop soon. “With your baby mama f*cking every rapper in the business/N*ggas saying you was better when the drugs was in your system/Now your crack swag gone ever since u came from prison/Got you tweeting all stupid, is you skatin’, is you dissin’/Found out your ghost leased and your phantom just rented/Won’t leave it in your name like Pac when he went missing/Makaveli lives on so I’m riding on you b*tches” (Complex)

A few days ago, the Virginia-bred rapper discussed his stance toward Weezy F. Baby.

“I put out a record. He puts out a record. Like I said, it’s not about diss records to me. It’s about making good music. I feel like everything I’ve put out thus far in regards to anything that has to do with me having an issue or so on and so forth, has been an immaculate record,” Pusha said in an interview. “I can’t say that for everybody else. Everybody else who may have thrown a shot here or thrown a shot there, whatever the case might be, at me, I can’t say their record was awesome. I think that I was shaking souls with ‘Exodus.’ I think I was shaking souls with ‘New God Flow.’ … It’s not a personal beef. I don’t personally know any of them. These guys have made great music in their day. These guys got fans, tons of fans, so I can’t really let anybody speak ill, somebody with that many fans and somebody with that type of visibility and with that type of history, I can’t just let them make statements against me and be quiet about it. That can be viewed as a victory.” (Booska-P)

Check out the Pusha T snippet:

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