Pusha T Reveals Kanye West’s True Side, “He’s Definitely Not Crazy”

Pusha T Reveals Kanye West’s True Side, “He’s Definitely Not Crazy”

The Clipse’s Pusha T recently spoke on his relationship with G.O.O.D. Music’s Kanye West and how Ye is not your average producer/rapper.

Pusha credits Yeezy’s success toward his ability to make reality raps.

“He’s brilliant. He is just a brilliant BLACK man. [laughter] I just don’t think everyone is ready for his truth. And you know, his truth is…I personally like his truth. I think everyone should be appreciative that someone tells the truth. That’s the problem. Not everybody appreciates the truth, and that’s the issue. So you know, we live in a world where we really…freedom of expression is not really as free as everyone says it is, or as it should be. That’s the only thing I see, but he’s definitely not crazy. He’s very much so brilliant, and he’s just true.” (All Hip Hop)

Last year, Pusha talked to SOHH about Ye’s truthful rhymes on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“My subject matter isn’t always the brightest and I feel like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy harps on certain issues. This album has emotional overtones to it, which coincides with how I write. When you have a song like ‘Runaway,’ where you’re admitting [your] faults as a man, you’re admitting fault and talking about being a douchebag but at the end of the day, you still get the notion that a guy’s learned his lesson. He’s still about fixing it and not [ignoring his issues.] It’s an a**hole way of thinking, but, it’s very real, sort of like how my music always is.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Prior to making his 2010 comeback, singer Estelle spoke on Ye’s controversial Taylor Swift MTV VMA speech interruption and signaled his infatuation with telling the truth.

“I was surprised by the amount of crap he got. It was like, do you know this guy? Come on now everyone, stop being surprised,” said Estelle, who collaborated with West on the single “American Boy.” “I don’t think he will have any problems coming back. He speaks the absolute truth, no editing or tailoring. I thinks that’s why every time he comes back everyone is really excited.” (NBC Miami)

Last February, Pusha opened up about joining Ye’s G.O.O.D. Music team.

“I feel like it’s win for me, and everybody,” Pusha said in an interview. “I’m always going to be within my own lane. I don’t think we’re going to step on each others toes. I think it’s like when Boston Celtics came together, they had this amazing team and guys with amazing history. It’s just about being a team player. And I’ve always been a team player. Even when people felt I was the head of Re-Up, you gonna put that on me because I’m the most vocal? … The G.O.O.D. Music move has been better for myself, Malice, and Liva as well. It’s all about making moves that can benefit everybody. I don’t ever want to just benefit myself. I’m too close to too many people. I don’t just live for myself, I live for more than myself.” (Complex)

Check out some recent Pusha T footage below:

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