Pusha T Reacts To C-Murder Life Sentence,”I’m So Sorry, That’s Terrible” [Audio]

Pusha T Reacts To C-Murder Life Sentence,”I’m So Sorry, That’s Terrible” [Audio]

After the news about rapper Corey “C-Murder” Miller being given a life sentence yesterday (August 14) afternoon, SOHH spoke with The Clipse‘s Pusha T who shared his reaction and reflection on No Limit Records.

In addition to revealing his shock over the sentence, Pusha also explained how the rapper’s brother, Master P, and No Limit Records were an influence on The Clipse.

“We honestly were gonna sign with P,” Pusha revealed. “We were gonna sign with P. We were thinking about signing with P, definitely. Definitely. Some type of collaborative situation, you got to understand who P was to us at that time, I mean even the area. I mean, like, that whole movement was so crazy to us. The Neptunes are still right there but it was just gonna be another facet to me. Whatever happened, the business of course, they came to DC, we shot a video up there — I’m so sorry to hear about C-Murder. That’s terrible. I thought they were, like, going back and forth and people were overturning verdicts and sh*t and now he just got life today?” (SOHH)

The Clipse, prior to their 2002 album debut, worked closely with Murder’s record label at the start of their careers.

As emcees first, and entertainers second, Malice and Pusha T continued to stay busy after their initial setback by enhancing other people’s tracks with their distinct lyrical delivery. 2000 found Clipse working with a host of No Limit artists including Master P, 504 Boyz and Silk Da Shocker. In 2001, the duo appeared on releases from The Backstreet Boys, Jermaine Dupri and Grammy-winning singer Nelly Furtado. (Sing 365)

Murder’s life sentence was given to him Friday afternoon in Louisiana.

Miller was formally sentenced to life in prison Friday for his conviction on the charge that he murdered a teenager in a Harvey nightclub in 2002. Judge Hans Liljeberg earlier denied a request for a re-trial made on behalf of Miller. Following the announcement of the sentence, Miller’s attorney filed a motion to appeal the verdict to the Court of Appeals. (WWLTV News)

He was convicted of second-degree murder earlier in the week.

The Louisiana jury reached the 10-2 verdict around 1:30 p.m. in its second day of deliberations on Tuesday. Jurors had reached the same verdict earlier in the day, but District Judge Hans Liljeberg ordered them back to the jury room for more deliberation because of a questionable vote. Liljeberg said after the verdict’s initial reading that one juror had apparently changed her vote just to end deliberations. Three jurors had been seen crying in the courtroom Tuesday morning, and the day before they sent a note that they were having trouble reaching a consensus. (Associated Press)

Check out Pusha T’s reaction to C-Murder below:

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