Pusha T Plays G.O.O.D. Team Ball, “I Don’t Think We’re Going To Step On Each Others Toes”

Pusha T Plays G.O.O.D. Team Ball, “I Don’t Think We’re Going To Step On Each Others Toes”

The Clipse’s Pusha T recently discussed his association with G.O.O.D. Music and elaborated on why he’s enthusiastic about joining the starting line-up.

In Pusha’s eyes, linking with Kanye West strengthens the G.O.O.D. Music team.

“I feel like it’s win for me, and everybody,” Pusha said in an interview. “I’m always going to be within my own lane. I don’t think we’re going to step on each others toes. I think it’s like when Boston Celtics came together, they had this amazing team and guys with amazing history. It’s just about being a team player. And I’ve always been a team player. Even when people felt I was the head of Re-Up, you gonna put that on me because I’m the most vocal? … The G.O.O.D. Music move has been better for myself, Malice, and Liva as well. It’s all about making moves that can benefit everybody. I don’t ever want to just benefit myself. I’m too close to too many people. I don’t just live for myself, I live for more than myself.” (Complex)

Pusha recently talked to SOHH about his motivation toward going solo.

“The way I want to put out my solo album, those ideas are definitely taking form right now,” Pusha told SOHH. “It’s just that I want the world to understand that in The Clipse, well, I look at it like this. A lot of people understand the dichotomy with Pusha being more brash, the more wordplay-type one. And then you have my brother, Malice, being the more introspective and more conscious-driven. And it’s not that I don’t think like that, it’s just the fact that we play roles in our group. And we’re d*mn good at that. And I’m d*mn good at this. And it’s not that I don’t have those views, I think I just want the world to get a full 360-degree perspective of myself, my opinions and my mind.” (SOHH)

First on deck for the G.O.O.D. Music rhyme slinger is an upcoming solo mixtape called Fear of God.

Pusha T’s “My God” was actually posted late Friday and has spent its time since bouncing from emphatic hip-hop blog co-sign to emphatic hip-hop blog co-sign … and, now, predictably, to an emphatic Vulture co-sign. Pusha’s spent over a decade standing out, whether on Clipse tracks or random remixes or critically acclaimed smash Kanye singles. But this is his first time, officially, as a solo artist. He does not fumble the opportunity. (New York Mag)

Last May, Pusha opened up about wanting to explore a solo path.

“We got Re-Up Gang Records, so we’re trying to exercise every aspect of putting music out there. The Clipse will definitely be putting more music out. But it only makes sense for us to do solo projects and build a catalog with solo records by ourselves as well as [our artist] Ab Liva…I think I’ve grown with every Clipse album, but there’s an emotional side of Pusha that people need to see. I want people to get a little more in tune with my thought process. A lot of times people hear me and think, ‘Wow! That’s a dope verse!’ but it’s way beyond that with me. I want people to understand who I am and get inside my thought process. I think I can do that with a solo project.” (VIBE)

Check out some recent Pusha T footage down below:

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