Pusha T Leaves Kanye West Hanging On G.O.O.D Music Debut

Pusha T Leaves Kanye West Hanging On G.O.O.D Music Debut

As the release date for his highly anticipated My Name Is My Name approaches, a tracklisting for Pusha T‘s debut studio album has surfaced online.

Despite having behind-the-scenes help from Kanye West, Pusha opts out of featuring Yeezus on the 12-track project.

1. “King Push” 2. “Numbers On The Board” 3. “Sweet Serenade” feat. Chris Brown 4. “Hold On” feat. Rick Ross 5. “Suicide” feat. Ab-Liva 6. “40 Acres” feat. The-Dream 7. “No Regrets” feat. Jeezy and Kevin Cossom 8. “Let Me Love You” feat. Kelly Rowland 9. “Who I Am” feat. 2 Chainz & Big Sean 10. “Nosetalgia” feat. Kendrick Lamar 11. “Pain” feat. Future 12. “S.N.I.T.C.H.” feat. Pharrell (My Name Is My Name)

A few days ago, Kanye gave a rant-filled speech at the G.O.O.D Music member’s album release party in New York.

Pusha-T was the guest of honor at his “My Name Is My Name” album listening party Wednesday night in Brooklyn, but all eyes were on the man standing next to him: Kanye West. After asking the DJ to wait before starting the next track, West got on the mic and delivered one of his fiercest rants to date, expressing his support for Pusha-T by ripping some of the usual suspects (“corporations”) and taking aim at some new supposed trend biters (people who wear camouflage prints, people who “put numbers on the back of their t-shirts”). (Huffington Post)

Heading into Labor Day weekend, Mr. West jumped onto his Twitter page to dish out Pusha’s album cover art.

“PUSHA-T: MY NAME IS MY NAME. COVER 1. OCT 8TH. pic.twitter.com/8KTBqca2WI,” Kanye tweeted August 30.

“PUSHA-T: MY NAME IS MY NAME. COVER 2. OCT 8TH. pic.twitter.com/qClE4r8Mxn “

“PUSHA-T: MY NAME IS MY NAME. COVER 2. OCT 8TH. pic.twitter.com/MWqEJgZIEF” (Kanye West’s Twitter)

While he would not name-drop every album that’s come out this year including Jay Z‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail and Ye’s Yeezus, Mr. T recently said his project will ultimately reign supreme.

“Well, I’ve heard a lot of them. And mine is better. [Laughs.] I just know what I’m looking to bring to the music game, and it’s a certain level of energy. I’ve made the perfect album that I want to put in my car and ride to. It’s a certain energy that makes you do stupid things like ride past the club three times with the windows down when it’s cold outside just so people can hear what you’re listening to. I made that album. And I was that stupid guy at one point, so I know I made it.” (Esquire)

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