Pusha T Gives Cold Shoulder At Hot 97 Concert Over Young Money Feud

Pusha T Gives Cold Shoulder At Hot 97 Concert Over Young Money Feud

G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T is reportedly playing it safe and not entertaining the idea of a full-fledged lyrical war against Lil Wayne’s Young Money team by refusing to comment on their current status.

Although Wayne has already fired direct shots at Pusha courtesy of the new “Goulish” diss track, Pusha shrugged off YMCMB questions at last night’s Hot 97 Summer Jam in New Jersey.

Pusha T still hasn’t said anything about whether or not he was dissing artists from YMCMB on his latest track “Exodus 23:1.” In fact, tonight at Hot 97 Summer Jam, we ran into him backstage and asked him about it, and he just shrugged and headed to the stage to perform his verse on “Mercy” with fellow G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean (he didn’t mention the beef on stage either). And with that, the speculation continues. “We asked @PUSHA-T about “Exodus” and the YMCMB beef. He just shrugged, then headed to the stage with Big Sean.” (Complex)

Over the weekend, G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean also killed the idea of entertaining a rap beef between both camps.

“I think beef is weak. Crack is wack. I don’t encourage that,” Sean said in an interview. “Yeah, I’m cool with Pusha T, I’m cool with everybody. The thing is, people gotta understand that we got no point in beefing. We got families to take care of, we got moms to take care of. I ain’t about to be over here arguing with nobody. We all on the same team. We all young men, black men, black, white, it doesn’t matter, but just entrepreneurs trying to get it.” (Wired 96.5)

Young Money President Mack Maine recently downplayed Weezy and Pusha’s publicized issues.

“It’s not like that. I don’t see it like that. That’s not what we in the game for,” Young Money president Mack Maine told MTV News of a potential G.O.O.D./YMCMB dustup. “If it ever came to that, God forbid, that’s a whole different story, but right now we’re just tryin’ to get paper, we’re just tryin’ to get money, man, and make good music. And [‘My Homies Still’] was a great song that was made before that situation happened, and I’m not ’bout to go into the studio and tell Wayne to take [Big Sean] off. Wayne not tryna take him off — he’s good peeps, he’s fam.” (MTV)

Despite the declarations, Weezy F. Baby still willingly went after Pusha on wax last month.

The beef is on. This evening YMCMB flagship artist Lil Wayne did the expected and dropped a scathing dis record titled “Goulish” aimed at Clipse lyrical monster Pusha-T. “F–k Pusha-T and everybody that love him. His head up his a** so I’ma have to head butt him” Wayne raps on the intro to the record. N*ggas can’t see me. Not even a glimpse. Too many banana clips, I feel like a chimps.” (RapFix)

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