Pusha T Finally Finds A G.O.O.D Day To Come Out

Pusha T Finally Finds A G.O.O.D Day To Come Out

After months of speculation and setbacks, Virginia rapper Pusha T has announced the release date for his long-awaited G.O.O.D Music debut, My Name Is My Name.

Pusha broke the news of the LP’s mid-June release date to his 541,000-plus Twitter followers Monday (April 29) night.

“Pusha – T: My Name Is My Name July 16, 2013 G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam #JustKno,” (Pusha T’s Twitter)

Just last month, Pusha detailed what fans could expect from his first official studio release.

“I think that My Name is My Name is definitely going to highlight just my perspective and my thought process,” Pusha told MTV Hive while on the carpet for mtvU’s 2013 Woodie Awards, where he performed last week in SXSW. “Being in a group, I think Malice always took the role as the conscious MC and more like the voice of reason and I was always the brash, more witty, slick talker type.” (MTV Hive)

With fans eagerly awaiting his first shot at solo album success, Pusha also said he would now have an opportunity to show the world his full capabilities.

Now, without his brother to rely on, Pusha will offer a different side of himself on MNIMN and ultimately deliver more balance. “I feel like I have to take on some of his characteristics, just to ensure that the Clipse fans are satisfied,” he said. “I think my perspective is one to be heard.” (MTV Hive)

The rapper previously hit up SOHH and explained the difference between his solo G.O.O.D. Music work and joint Clipse tracks.

“The way I want to put out my solo album, those ideas are definitely taking form right now,” Pusha told SOHH. “It’s just that I want the world to understand that in The Clipse, well, I look at it like this. A lot of people understand the dichotomy with Pusha being more brash, the more wordplay-type one. And then you have my brother, Malice, being the more introspective and more conscious-driven. And it’s not that I don’t think like that, it’s just the fact that we play roles in our group. And we’re d*mn good at that. And I’m d*mn good at this. And it’s not that I don’t have those views, I think I just want the world to get a full 360-degree perspective of myself, my opinions and my mind.” (SOHH)

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