Pusha T Doesn’t Want Blame For Endless LP Setbacks: “That’s Out Of My Control”

Pusha T Doesn’t Want Blame For Endless LP Setbacks: “That’s Out Of My Control”

G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T has addressed the heat thrown his way in light of the multiple delays in getting out My Name Is My Name and guaranteed despite the setbacks his LP will still be fresh come this October.

While Pusha’s album has suffered various pushbacks, the Clipse member said fans should watch out for who they finger as the culprit behind its delay.

“My Name Is My Name is dropping October 8, for sure,” Push said during his appearance on the show, which has been airing live from the Barclays Center as part of our weeklong “VMA All Access” live stream. “Album’s finished, album’s amazing,” the Virginia native said. “It’s been a lot of the talk of the pushbacks and so on and so forth, but that’s out of my control,” he added. “And it don’t matter ’cause my dope don’t spoil, like it really doesn’t. My dope don’t spoil.” (MTV)

The Virginia native hopped onto his Twitter page Thursday (August 22) to confirm its new drop date.

“My Name is My Name…10/8/13 “My dope don’t spoil.” – Self,” Pusha tweeted August 22. (Pusha T’s Twitter)

While he would not name-drop every album that’s come out this year including Jay Z‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail and Kanye West‘s Yeezus, Mr. T recently said his project will ultimately reign supreme.

“Well, I’ve heard a lot of them. And mine is better. [Laughs.] I just know what I’m looking to bring to the music game, and it’s a certain level of energy. I’ve made the perfect album that I want to put in my car and ride to. It’s a certain energy that makes you do stupid things like ride past the club three times with the windows down when it’s cold outside just so people can hear what you’re listening to. I made that album. And I was that stupid guy at one point, so I know I made it.” (Esquire)

Recently, Pusha acknowledged an unexpected amount of new releases courtesy of Jay, Kanye and J. Cole for making him push his LP back a month.

“Nah, nah, it’s not gone drop on the 16th. We gone push it back a month,” Pusha revealed in an interview. “It’s been a lot of music coming out. You got the Ye album, you got the Cole, the Wale. I think Hov’s dropping even on the 4th. We gonna push it back but at the end of the day, I still stand my ground. That’s politics and logistics. My album is the best album of the year.” (Power 88)

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