Pusha T Declares His Fave 2010 LP, “That Was The Risk-Taking Album Of The Year”

Pusha T Declares His Fave 2010 LP, “That Was The Risk-Taking Album Of The Year”

Just days away from 2011, The Clipse’s Pusha T has named his favorite album that was released this year.

According to Pusha, Kanye West‘s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy comeback album was his 2010 favorite.

“That was the risk-taking album of the year. You know, a lot of people dropped albums, but I’m talking about taking that risk. Everything ‘Ye did was out of the box. Really, out of the f*cking box, man. And people are gonna say, ‘You’re gonna say that cause you’re so closely associated with it,’ but at the same time people can’t measure up to that sh*t. That sh*t was really amazing. You can go lyrics, beats, and concepts. I mean, hip-hop embraced ballerinas, man! And he made you. You lost! He made you embrace ballerinas and you did it. Not only did you do it…you did it on the biggest awards show! You did it on ‘SNL’. And then he made a movie, and everybody sat down and watched it, and they watched him perform with ballerinas again. Hip-hoppers! It’s over!” (Complex)

Pusha T recently talked to SOHH about Ye’s new album receiving the rare, perfect rating from XXL Magazine.

“Kanye is well-deserving of an XXL rating, whether he got it or not,” Pusha told SOHH. “Rapping? People aren’t f*cking with him rapping. Musically? People aren’t f*cking with him. This is like he’s pushing the bar. He’s doing all of this awesome sh*t and at the same time he’s keeping [a straight] face about it. That within itself says ‘I win.’ He wins, with the XXL rating and all of that, he wins.” (SOHH)

Former Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean also recently named Kanye West’s comeback as his personal favorite of 2010.

“My favorite album of 2010,” Clef said. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye West. I feel like that album represents completion as a whole.” (Billboard)

Earlier this month, Young Money’s Drake reflected on West’s new album earning 5-Mics from The Source.

“Kanye put together a great album. It’s a really solid project. I think people had so much time to sit with the songs, that it threw them off a little bit when the album came out and so many of those songs were already on it. But at the same time, when you get that project and you can imagine getting all those songs on one day and we didn’t have to deal with the power of leaks and internet stuff. I definitely understand why people hold that album at such high regard. It’s a great project and it’s definitely given me something to strive for, because perfect scores are hard to come by nowadays and I’ve seen a lot of them on that album. That definitely lets me know what I’m gunning for on this next project.” (The Source)

Check out Pusha T & Kanye West’s “Runaway” music video down below:

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