Pusha T Calls Lil Wayne Feud Bigger Than Disses: “I Was Shaking Souls” [Video]

Pusha T Calls Lil Wayne Feud Bigger Than Disses: “I Was Shaking Souls” [Video]

G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T recently discussed his publicized dispute with rap rival Lil Wayne and explained why their issues are deeper than diss tracks.

Confirming he had Weezy in mind when penning last summer’s “Exodus 23:1″ track, Pusha said his focus is on making quality records whether he is in a rap battle or not.

“I put out a record. He puts out a record. Like I said, it’s not about diss records to me. It’s about making good music. I feel like everything I’ve put out thus far in regards to anything that has to do with me having an issue or so on and so forth, has been an immaculate record,” Pusha said in an interview. “I can’t say that for everybody else. Everybody else who may have thrown a shot here or thrown a shot there, whatever the case might be, at me, I can’t say their record was awesome. I think that I was shaking souls with ‘Exodus.’ I think I was shaking souls with ‘New God Flow.’ … It’s not a personal beef. I don’t personally know any of them. These guys have made great music in their day. These guys got fans, tons of fans, so I can’t really let anybody speak ill, somebody with that many fans and somebody with that type of visibility and with that type of history, I can’t just let them make statements against me and be quiet about it. That can be viewed as a victory.” (Booska-P)

Last summer, Pusha fell back on getting connected to Young Money through beef.

Last weekend, the ongoing Chris Brown vs. Drake feud hit a new high note when Breezy’s “I Don’t Like” freestyle unexpectedly leaked to the Internet. On the Game-assisted track, Chris takes numerous shots directly at Drake and his crew. He raps: “Them eyebrows, man, them shits is yikes OVO, you overdosed, screamin’ YOLO no, I live twice,” which is an obvious swipe at Toronto’s rap king. The night before Breezy’s scathing freestyle diss impacted the Internet, G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T was spotted in the studio with the young singer. Push was also an artist who many rap fans had taken jabs at Drake in the past. Most recently, the VA rapper’s “Exodus 23:1″ track was believed to be aimed at Drizzy. However, when asked about his opinion on the ongoing beef, 1/2 of the Clipse took a neutral stance. “Chris goes in and [he] handles his business,” Pusha tells VIBE when asked about Chris Brown’s “Drake Diss.” “At the end of the day, we just make good music and we ain’t playing no games with nobody. The best music wins.” (VIBE)

A few months ago, the G.O.O.D. Music star broke his silence on Wayne getting at him on “Goulish.”

“I was surprised actually at the whole — anybody, but Wayne specifically, answering ‘Exodus.’ I’ve never seen one record that didn’t say any names cause so much of a firestorm,” Pusha told radio host Funkmaster Flex. “[‘Goulish?’] It was horrible. It was trash. It wasn’t good — I didn’t like [the production] either. Let me say this. I didn’t like it for that type of record. I didn’t feel like, in all honesty, I haven’t said anything about it because I didn’t think it was good enough to respond to.” (Hot 97)

Earlier the same week, Wayne defended publicly going at Pusha after the release of “Exodus 23:1.”

“I just finished recording my “I Am Not a Human Being II” album. And we’re starting to work on the Young Money album,” Wayne said in an interview before addressing Pusha. “It really wasn’t no beef, you know. It was just me. I just reacted. Just a reaction, a simple reaction. I don’t apologize for it because I’m human. But it was just my human reaction. I don’t take it back. But there’s no beef. Beef is a whole different thing. … I’ll move on.” (The Washington Post)

Check out Pusha T’s interview:

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