Puff Daddy Calls On Certified Hitman For ‘MMM’ Effort: “He Wants That Whole Classic, Hard-Hitting Rhythm Music”

Puff Daddy Calls On Certified Hitman For ‘MMM’ Effort: “He Wants That Whole Classic, Hard-Hitting Rhythm Music”

With the return of Puff Daddy in full effect, SOHH reached out to producer Reefa to learn about his involvement on Diddy’s seemingly overnight Money Makin’ Mitch album.

Although slim with details, Reefa promised vintage Puffy records would likely end up on the highly-anticipated LP.

“I’ve known Diddy for a little while,” Reefa told SOHH. “I’m kind of in the Bad Boy family. I’ve did a lot of work with him. He wants that whole classic, hard-hitting rhythm music and he called me up and is giving me a chance to work on the project. I’m very thankful. I can’t say I’m just finding that out [about his return as ‘Puff Daddy’] but I got that vibe. I knew where it was going to end up at. The Money Makin’ Mitch project, it’s going to be some great music on there.” (SOHH)

This week, Puffy’s new “Big Homie” track premiered online.

“Big Homie” features French Montana and Rick Ross, and the latter is clearly the biggest influence on Puff’s current sound: It’s big, it’s badass-sounding, and it leans into that signature monster plod. But while Ross’ penchant for rapping just behind the beat always sounds like a conscious decision (not even the power of rhythm can move the Bawse), Puff just sounds slightly inept (which is a pretty accurate description of his career-long rhyme style). Everybody is going hard, but by surrounding himself with high-impact blasters in Montana and Ross, Puff highlights the oomph his rapping has always lacked. (Entertainment Weekly)

This week, Ricky Rozay revealed Diddy’s MMM album title stands for Money Makin’ Mitch.

“The Bugatti Boyz, you know, we was in the studio, we actually spoke about music for that,” Ross said in an interview. “He’s in the studio working on his new project, Money Makin’ Mitch but you know the Bugatti Boyz, we still getting money.” (Trace)

Earlier this week, Diddy revealed he changed his rap alias and announced a new solo project’s title meaning.

Sean Combs is a man of many names. He’s been Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy and just plain ol’ Diddy. But he’s now decided to go back to his ’90s roots and become Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs once again. The name change comes in honor of his first album in four years, MMM, which does not have a release date as of yet. In a teaser clip for his latest single “Big Homie,” which will officially drop next Monday (March 31), Puff Daddy makes his triumphant return with a little help from Rick Ross and French Montana, who recently proclaimed that he’ll be executive producing MMM with a recording studio clip posted on Instagram. (News Radio)

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Check out “Big Homie”:

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