Prodigy Unlocks Prison Conditions, Tweeting Behind Bars & More

Prodigy Unlocks Prison Conditions, Tweeting Behind Bars & More

[After recently teaming up wiht New York jail-based superstore Send A Package, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy reflects on his past experience behind bars, why CDs and MP3 players are big no-no’s, tweeting from jail and more.]

Inside the prison system, different jails got different rules. Certain jails got CDs and certain jails you can’t get CDs you can’t get CDs because they say you can break it and turn it into a weapon and cut somebody with it. It’s stupid rules they got in jail to punish you to make you suffer because you committed a crime and they try not to give you so many luxuries or whatever. It’s things like that. You can’t have an MP3 player in jail.

I never heard of that. Maybe sometime in the future they should do that though because it just makes sense for the inmates to have something to do to spend their time doing, creatively, and to help them pass the time without getting into trouble. You can get into trouble with fights and arguments and all that stuff, but if you’ve got your music, you just chilling. Listening to your music and chilling. That’s what the whole cassette thing is about.

Certain jails just won’t allow CDs in it. The only way the inmates, and remember there’s hundreds and thousands of inmates in the prison systems, the only real way you can get music is through cassettes. It’s good that you’ve got services like SendAPackage doing a deal with Universal to put albums onto cassettes.

Sometimes it’s just hard to find the albums you’re looking for in certain prison catalogs in these jails. Most of them are wack. They don’t carry the music you’re looking for so and their catalog, they’re actually providing the things we need when we’re actually in jail.

The people that usually put those Send A Package catalogs have been incarcerated before, so they know what time it is.

When people tweet from jail, they’re either writing or they’re on the phones. They’re probably on the phone. Like for me, I would be on the phone and I would tell somebody, “Yo, tweet this right now.” And then they would tweet that for me.

They don’t have computers in jail. Only the federal jails have computers. Certain jails might have that but I think 90 percent of jails don’t have access to computers. They’re trying to really keep inmates feeling like they did something wrong and taking away your access for certain things.

You’re being punished for a certain amount of time, so they don’t want you to have access to them anymore.

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