Prodigy Sidelines Mobb Deep Dispute, Signs Brooklyn Hollywood Star

Prodigy Sidelines Mobb Deep Dispute, Signs Brooklyn Hollywood Star

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy has decided to sideline patching things up with estranged group member Havoc and announced the signing of Hollywood actor Rick Gonzalez to his Infamous Records label.

According to Capital P, Gonzalez a.k.a. Realm Reality brings plenty of hip-hop credentials to his Sony-distributed imprint.

For a celebrated lyricist of Pee’s stature, signing an artist is not so simple. “At Infamous, I’m looking for artists that, #1 have their own movement goin’, they got their thing goin’ already,” he told us. But Realm didn’t just wake up one day and decide to be a rapper. He’s been spitting since 1998, and growing up as a kid in Brooklyn, it was all around him. In 2011 he dropped a mixtape titled The Invisible Man, which was marked by grit and attention to lyrical detail. “It was the pulse of my neighborhood so it was always there and I’m proud to say that my passion for acting was there as well,” Gonzalez explained. “The fact to have a co-sign like Pee to just really hear the music and just let people know that this is a stamp and that we’re coming with some real raw. It’s a blessing. It’s amazing.” (MTV)

Although he will put his heart into the new partnership, Gonzalez also promised movie fans would still see him showcasing his acting skills.

Next up is In the Grind We Trust, Realm’s upcoming mixtape for which he and Prodigy will hold a listening on Thursday night at Platinum Sound Recording Studios in NYC. But Gonzalez won’t be abandoning what made him famous. He told us he has a few film projects in the works, adding that he wants to blend his passion for both of his artistic outlets. “I look at it as a happy marriage of just having a really hot girlfriend and a side chick that just know each other and they could get along,” he described, just as a rapper would. (MTV)

Back in 2011, RR landed a role in Lady Gaga‘s “Judas” music video.

“The feeling was, I can’t believe the biggest pop star is behind me right now singing in my ear. I was literally playing video games the day before and I’m at Universal Studios lot doing a video and not just any video, this is her biggest then. It’s just a huge juxtaposition from my life one day to the next. We would just try to get along. When we got on the bike I felt this immediate urge to protect her and keep her safe on the bike and make sure that she was able to do her performance shots and at the same time play along with me. I was constantly saying ‘are you okay, are you alright, is everything cool?'” (Global Grind)

The established thespian revealed his hip-hop alias a couple years ago and credited rap moguls like the late Big Pun for sparking interest in rapping.

Gonzalez first developed the persona for himself in 1998, drawing inspiration from many different influential rappers, starting with Puerto Rican Big Pun. “He dropped Capital Punishment, and that cemented the deal for me. He basically told me by dropping that album that anyone that looks like me and comes from where I come from can do what I do,” the actor said. The list by no means ends there, though. Gonzalez also credits Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, and Mobb Deep, and inspiring him, but stands by Tupac as his favorite rapper as he feels a deeper connection to him – not something you hear from a Brooklyn-boy everyday. “I was a huge Tupac Shakur fan because I was drawn to his passion,” Gonzalez said. “Technically, as a rapper, he probably wasn’t the best. But the way he convoyed his emotion and who he was as an actor made me really connect with him.” (Urban Mag)

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