Prodigy Says Stop Crying This Thanksgiving: “Things Could Be Worse”

Prodigy Says Stop Crying This Thanksgiving: “Things Could Be Worse”

With Mobb Deep fully reunited, group member Prodigy recently dished out what he is most thankful for this Thanksgiving and why people should appreciate the small things in life.

In Capital P’s perspective, no matter how bad people think they may have it, someone else is doing worse.

“Just be thankful for life and that you’re able to see another day. As far as being an American, we have so many freedoms over here that people don’t have in other countries. We’ve got so much access to things. So be thankful for your life. Things could be worse so be thankful it’s not. It don’t matter if it’s bad for you. If you’re locked up for 10 years, things could be worse; you could be doing life. If you live in the hood and you don’t have much money and you’re struggling, things could be worse; you could be dead or in jail. You’ve just gotta look at life like that. ‘Cause it can be worse. Trust me. It can be worst very fast.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this month, Prodigy said Mobb Deep plans were back in full effect and had a group project in the works.

Prodigy also took a moment to share that his relationship with Havoc is back in a good place after reports of the two having issues surfaced last year. The pair reunited to embark on the nationwide Mobb Deep 20th Anniversary Tour this past spring. “Me and Hav, we’re like brothers,” says Prodigy. “We had a little disagreement that spilled out to the public, that was corny. But it what it is. We’re back on the road. We’re working on the next Mobb Deep album right now.” (AHH)

Earlier this year, MD’s Havoc revealed the upcoming LP was roughly halfway completed and would primarily feature his beats.

“Me and P been in the studio for the past month, we damn near got half of the next Mobb Deep album knocked out… On this new Mobb Deep album it’s just going to be all me [on the production] and less of somebody coming up with some s**t. I been f**king with Boi-1da a little bit too, he got some hot s**t, kinda meshing both of our sounds together, so that should be interesting.” (Miss Info TV)

Recently, Hav and P talked about hooking back up and performing a slew of lesser known tracks during a nationwide tour last spring.

“It’s definitely gonna be songs performed that we’ve never performed before,” Havoc promised when the group spoke to MTV News. Pee estimates that he and Hav get together about two weeks before a tour to choose which songs they’ll travel with. “We just recently we did a rehearsal together and as soon as I walked in the door, Pee was playing something that we never performed before and I was like ‘Yo, let’s do that!’ ” Hav said anecdotally, though he wouldn’t give up the goods. (MTV)

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