Prodigy Says He’s Got Deep Respect For Frank Ocean, “He’s One Of My Favorite Artists”

Prodigy Says He’s Got Deep Respect For Frank Ocean, “He’s One Of My Favorite Artists”

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy is not letting the hype surrounding Frank Ocean‘s bi-sexuality distract him from the music and recently gave the Odd Future singer props.

Capital P also said Ocean is one of his favorite musicians out right now.

“I wanna give a shout to Frank Ocean too,” Prodigy told Sway Calloway during Wednesday’s (July 11) “RapFix Live.” “He’s one of my favorite artists. He’s dope.” The Mobb Deep lyricist focuses more on Ocean’s music than his personal relationships, so for him, Frank’s sexuality is a non-factor. “To tell you the truth, I didn’t really think too much of it, because I don’t care what he does behind the doors in his personal life,” P said. “I like his lyrics, the production he uses and all of that. I’m a fan of him.” (MTV)

Last year, P placed music over sexual preference when reports surfaced claiming Hot 97 radio veteran Mister Cee had sex with a male prostitute.

“I’m just hearing what people saying, and radio, so I really don’t have that much of an opinion about it,” Capital P explained in an interview. “But to each his own man, if it’s really like that. It sounds crazy to me, like Cee is my n*gga. We f*ck with Mister Cee. That n*gga loves Mobb Deep and always shows us love, and plays our music all the time on the radio. He’s one of the only ones that does that. It’s few of them, and he’s one of the main ones. So regardless of what, that n*gga shows us love, and we’re going to show him love back. He’s always going to get new music from us. That n*gga call, we always going to pick up like ‘What’s up? You good?’ If he wants to do a party, whatever. Whatever Mister Cee wants to do, we f*ck with Mister Cee. That’s what it is.” (Complex)

Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 has applauded Ocean for coming forward with his bi-sexuality.

“A huge part of the industry is insecure,” Royce explained “So, like, I embrace integrity. Definitely. I think it’s awesome. I think a lot of other artists should take a page out of his book and be themselves,” said Royce. “Because you don’t have to listen to it – that’s your choice if you’d rather listen to it or not. The fact that he’s telling you the truth is awesome.” (FUSE TV)

New York rapper Mysonne, however, took a more critical approach toward the announcement.

“i think these n*ggas is cowards that looking for exposure and buzzes, so they wait til albums drop to tell you there true Sexuality,’ he tweeted July 10th.

“Never mind that youve built a career off of obvious deceit and false hood, but people say its ok cuz he can sing. What happen to integrity?” (Mysonne’s Twitter)

Check out a recent Frank Ocean interview below:

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