Prodigy Pens Conspiracy Theory Response, “I Forgive You For Your Ignorance”

Prodigy Pens Conspiracy Theory Response, “I Forgive You For Your Ignorance”

Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy recently inked an open letter to Esquire writer Stephen Marche in response to his piece on conspiracy theorists and explained where Marche went wrong.

Dated May 3, 2009, P’s words reflect his belief in the country being intentionally misled on the country’s foundation, which he said was built by African-Americans.

“Stephen, let me introduce myself,” P wrote. “My name is Prodigy and I’m a 34 year-old, proud native New Yorker…I’ve recently read your two pages in Esquire magazine, in which you discuss ‘conspiracy theories.’ Yes, I agree with you completely that there are several utterly ridiculous theories circulating about conspiracies of all kinds. But I would like to ‘enlighten’ you to the fact that, there is, in fact, a group of people who have conspired to rule and dominate the natural resources, indigenous people and land of this planet for many centuries…I’m speaking about the Caucasian…Not all of ‘today’s’ whites are evil, in fact, most of them are beautiful….This nation was birthed and built on black slavery, rape and bloodshed. Plus the annihilation of the Native America. Abraham Lincoln didn’t ‘free the slaves all he did was ban the big profit black physical slavery in the South so he could move that work force up North……I forgive you for your ignorance and contradictions.” (This Is 50)

Marche’s article takes a close look at past and current conspiracy theories and theorists.

Conspiracy theorists — 9/11 deniers, moon-landing paranoiacs, Cassandras of the New World Order — are the holy fools of our age. Things are not what they seem, they preach to us daily from their street corners and Web sites, and try as we might to ignore them, we can’t help but soak up their toxic paranoia and narcissism in our best sellers and blockbusters. Pop culture has always had plots and conspiracies, of course — the first blockbuster was the white-supremacist epic Birth of a Nation, whose major theme was the secret agenda behind Southern Reconstruction. Back then conspiracy theory was a shocking device; today it’s a marketing tool. This month Angels and Demons will be released, the latest installment of the conspiracy-themed global franchise spawned by Dan Brown‘s The Da Vinci Code. (Esquire)

Aside from taking on Esquire, P has used his time behind bars to also express his feelings on today’s new wave of rappers.

“Now it’s the slavery of our minds covertly,” P wroter in a publicized letter earlier this year. “There’s people out there who get the chills when they hear Rick Ross, like he’s something special. These are the kind of fools we’re dealing with…I was just reading Vibe Magazine‘s ‘Best Rapper Alive 2008′ article…Vibe says 920,000 people voted for it. I would personally b*tch slap all 920,000 of these voters if given the opportunity. Who in the f*ck picked Crooked I, Flo Rida and Rich Boy? How did Vibe approve this? In the back of the Vibe, they have a section called ’20 Questions,’ they actually try to imply that The Game‘s album LAX is better than 50 Cent‘s Massacre and Curtis…Basically people, we have a gang of herbs in positions of power.” (Hip Hop Stan)

Prodigy pleaded guilty in October 2007 to gun possession which led to his current incaceration.

Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years behind bars after pleading guilty to a weapons charge dating back to 2006. Authorities say Prodigy was pulled over in downtown Manhattan after he was spotted driving in the opposite direction on a one-way street in an attempt to claim a parking spot. A search of the car turned up an unlicensed .22-caliber pistol. He will begin his sentence January 2008. (Hip Hop Galaxy)

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