Prodigy Name Checks Rick Ross, Max B, Saigon & More, “These New N*ggas Sounding Like Kanye West” [Audio]

Prodigy Name Checks Rick Ross, Max B, Saigon & More, “These New N*ggas Sounding Like Kanye West” [Audio]

Incarcerated rapper Prodigy has updated fans on his status as he continues his three-year prison sentence with the release of “Phone Tap.”

Recorded over the phone and produced by Sid Roams, Capital P wastes no time in name dropping his current associates and past rap rivals.

“Yo they monitor the phone calls, watch what you say, you gotta phone tap better watch how you speak, yeah, welcome to state prison, they got a call on the hotline, who is it,” P raps. “I heard Rat P got knocked, I mean Max B, I heard Tru Life fighting — anyway, 50 [Cent] came to see me last weekend, we had a long talk about how it’s gon’ be when I touch town, and when I touch down, we gonna party like the Super Bowl on the countdown…Everybody copy what the next man does, I listen to Pitbull and Flo Rida, these new n*ggas sounding like Kanye West — all they gon’ do is run like Saigon did, but tell Hav I love him, get the beats together, so when Mobb Deep drop we’ll be bigger and better…Eh yo I just got a letter from the real Rick Ross, he in the Feds right now but he’s real short, what else, Cormega came through on the humble, we had a good visit, that’s my dun too…Michael Jackson died, the fans are bugging, now the Jay-Z Summer Jam picture means nothing…I seen Alchemist on tour with Slim Shady…I spoke to [Tony] Yayo last night…” (“The Phone Tap”)

Earlier this year, Havoc spoke on visiting P and their intent to drop a follow-up to 2006’s Blood Money album.

“HAD A REAL GOOD VISIT WIT PEE! HE TOLD ME TO TELL ALL U F*GGOTS IN THE INDUSRTY TO FALL THE F*CK BACK!,” he wrote on Sunday (January 10). “Its Mobb Deep Forever. Wait till P get back!!!!! Next album will be classic!!” (Havoc’s Twitter)

Last summer, Hav released his “Letter to P” dedication record.

“Yeah, let me holla at my son real quick, my motherf*cking n*gga man, d*mn” Hav says on the song’s intro. “What’s up, P/Hope all is well, I shoulda wrote you sooner/But since our last visit I’ve been fighting off them rumors/Like me and you, we not rockin’ like we used to/My loyalty is strong and I don’t feel I got to prove to you/But that’s not why I wrote cha, I’m just checking on you homie — It’s crazy how they only let you n*ggas get cassettes/And do they even make ‘em still/That’s some real funny sh*t/Other than that/Everything, everything/You know the summers, mad hot, bad b*tches, baggin’ numbers/Rae let me rock at Rock the Bells/And Nas was headlining, he ain’t even hit my cell/Know you heard him going through it, so it probably get him stressed/So I ain’t trippin’, I did my thing and left/And hit the studio, I’m trying to get my verses up…” (“Letter to P”)

P pleaded guilty in October 2007 to a gun possession charge which led to his current incarceration.

Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years behind bars after pleading guilty to a weapons charge dating back to 2006. Authorities say Prodigy was pulled over in downtown Manhattan after he was spotted driving in the opposite direction on a one-way street in an attempt to claim a parking spot. A search of the car turned up an unlicensed .22-caliber pistol. He will begin his sentence January 2008. (Hip Hop Galaxy)

Check out Prodigy’s “Phone Tap” record below:

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