Prodigy & N.O.R.E. Dead ‘Infamous’ Feud, “Sh*t Happened & I Told The Story”

Prodigy & N.O.R.E. Dead ‘Infamous’ Feud, “Sh*t Happened & I Told The Story”

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy and CNN’s Noreaga have placed their differences aside after tensions rose due to the fact that details of a past fight became public knowledge in the Queensbridge MC’s recently released memoir, My Infamous Life.

Defending N.O.R.E. via Twitter, P made sure to demonstrate that there weren’t any hard feelings between the two.

“I dont know why ppl r sayin I beat @noreaga up….ha! Thats not what my book says and that not what happened. Read b4 u speak.,” he Tweeted May 10th.

“I never said we “WON” or “LOST” in that confrontation either. Sh*t happened and I told the story. Thats what autobio’s r about. Real life”

“@noreaga u already….. g’z . if u got one send it off. got u”

“dry snitchin???? on what? who? theres nothin nobody can get charged for.” (Prodigy’s Twitter)

N.O.R.E. acknowledged the remarks by publicly hitting up P’s Twitter.

“@PRODIGYMOBBDEEP my N*gga!!,” he Tweeted May 10th.

“@PRODIGYMOBBDEEP no doubt my gzzz #salute” (N.O.R.E.’s Twitter)

Within the autobiography, Prodigy reveals a minor feud his camp had with N.O.R.E.

“One night that winter, Hav and I were on the block with Karate Joe, Gotti, Nitty, Trip, this kid we called Bill Cosby, and this other kid Johnny. Havoc started flipping out, saying he heard Tragedy was f——g with his lady Shawna on the low and he wanted to step to Tragedy about it. We all walked over to Capone’s building next door where Tragedy, Capone, and N.O.R.E. hung out. Hav knocked on Capone’s door and asked him to tell Tragedy to come outside. Tragedy came out with N.O.R.E. and Capone. “What’s up, man, you f——g with Shawna?” Hav asked. Tragedy said it wasn’t true but Hav wasn’t trying to hear it. “I know you f——g with Shawna, stop lying!” Hav punched Tragedy in the face and knocked him down. While he was getting back up, Karate Joe warned Tragedy, “You better not hit him back!” Hav punched Tragedy and knocked him down again while we surrounded them, watching. N.O.R.E. was getting nervous seeing the n—a who he thought had strength in QB getting his ass beat–he was worried he was gonna be next. So he reached for his gun, pulled it out, and shot one bullet at the ground in between all of us.” (My Infamous Life)

Following the book’s release, N.O.R.E. addressed what went down with P in the mid-1990’s.

“There are certain things that you’re not supposed to talk about,” Nore said. “Now, I didn’t read the book and I don’t read where he’s going crazy. I read the little inserts where he [talked] about the jumping incident. Let me just clear the record up and say: None of the things that it says in the book would ever make me go at him. I’m not gonna see him and try to throw him in the full nelson.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Prodigy interview below:

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