Police Surround Diddy’s Maybach At Gunpoint

Police Surround Diddy’s Maybach At Gunpoint

Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy almost lived up to his music company’s name as reports claim his Mercedes Maybach was pulled over by armed police this week in Los Angeles.

According to reports, the locked-and-loaded situation all went down Wednesday (May 15).

Diddy caused a big commotion outside the most swanky place in L.A. today … well, it was actually Diddy’s car that triggered a guns-drawn response by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies. We’ve learned Diddy had just been dropped off at the Soho House … an ultra-exclusive, private club in West Hollywood. Diddy’s bodyguard and another person drove Diddy’s $500,000 Maybach away from Soho, but they didn’t get far. (TMZ)

Police were soon alerted of someone in Puff Daddy’s whip allegedly possessing a weapon.

We’re told someone called 911 and said someone inside the Maybach had a gun. At least 9 squad cars roared to the scene. Cops pulled their guns and ordered the occupants of the Maybach out of the car and made them lie prone on the ground, until they discovered there weren’t any guns. The street was closed down temporarily until deputies gave the all-clear. (TMZ)

Back in early April, police surrounded Diddy’s Los Angeles crib due to a swatting prankster.

Sean Combs is the latest celebrity to be targeted by the wave of “swatting” pranks that are sweeping Hollywood. More than a dozen police cars and two helicopters raced to the Bad Boy mogul’s L.A. home yesterday after a 911 caller claimed that someone was shot inside the residence. After securing both Diddy’s house and his neighbor’s, actor Steve Carell, the cops determined that the call was a prank and dispersed. (BET)

Outside of legal drama, the music mogul recently teamed up with Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg for a water beverage partnership.

Entertainment powerhouse Sean “Diddy” Combs and actor/producer Mark Wahlberg today announced a joint venture with Southern California-based fitness and wellness water brand, AQUAhydrate. Per the arrangement, Combs and Wahlberg will oversee business strategy along with CEO John Cochran, formerly President of Fiji Water. Together they will help drive the AQUAhydrate vision and be instrumental in helping secure retail partnerships for the water brand, such as their recently signed deals with Safeway, Kroger and GNC. (Real Talk NY)

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