Police Go On Wild Katt Hunt Again, Williams Wanted By Cops

Police Go On Wild Katt Hunt Again, Williams Wanted By Cops

Troubled comedian Katt Williams reportedly has cops on his trail after failing to show up for an arraignment in California this week over a November incident.

According to reports, Williams’ no-show at a scheduled Monday (January 7) court appearance resulted in a warrant for his arrest getting issued.

A Sacramento judge issued the bench warrant today after the comedian failed to show up for his arraignment, stemming from his crazy three-wheeled police chase back in November. The D.A.’s office has charged Katt with evading a police officer while driving in a reckless manner, a felony. As we previously reported, Katt’s accused of leading police on a wild chase through the streets of Sacramento … while riding a three-wheeled motorcycle. (TMZ)

Coincidentally, Katt had an arrest warrant issued for him around mid-December.

Katt Williams is officially a wanted man … because a Seattle judge just issued a warrant for the comedian’s arrest. Katt didn’t show for his arraignment today on assault, harassment, and obstruction charges stemming from his bar fight in Seattle on December 2nd. TMZ broke the story … Katt was arrested following the fight, during which he allegedly threatened a bar manager with a pool cue … and threw a cigarette at a woman. A rep for the Washington State Attorney’s office says Katt’s attorney was there, and claimed his client didn’t attend due to a “medical issue.” That excuse didn’t fly with the judge … who immediately issued the bench warrant. (TMZ)

Just a couple weeks ago, Williams and close friend Marion “Suge” Knight reportedly got involved in a club brawl.

On Saturday, December 29, Williams, who was fresh from jail, was spotted outside Hollywood club Eden with Knight. Something bad went down between Knight and a bunch of people. While Knight settled his problem, Williams walked a few feet away behind the dumpsters. However, things escalated as Knight threw a punch at someone. Williams fled the scene when someone chased him. He went into a white SUV that was driven by Knight. The car almost knocked some people out when it left the parking space. (Ace Showbiz)

The duo also ran into police problems days prior outside of a Subway sandwich shop.

Repeat offender Katt Williams was detained by LAPD in front of a West Hollywood Subway last night in response to an alleged disturbance at the foot-long purveyor. Much to the reassurance of public safety, the cops later released the comedian, handing him back his marijuana and a .45 caliber pistol after determining that he was only loitering while his manager, Suge Knight, got a manicure next door. For their troubles, a Subway employee brought the twosome free sandwiches and denied any incident took place. (Grub Street Los Angeles)

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