Police Choppers & Patrol Cars Shut Down Kendrick Lamar In Los Angeles

Police Choppers & Patrol Cars Shut Down Kendrick Lamar In Los Angeles

West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar got his microphone shut off by Los Angeles police Friday (November 16) as a result of fans rushing out to see his secret Yahoo Crash Concerts performance.

Details of what exactly went down spilled onto the Internet Saturday (November 17).

“Swimming Pools” rapper Kendrick Lamar, gets his mic cut off and his speakers shut down as local authorities forced a stop to his free concert at the Staples Center in L.A., home court for the Los Angeles Lakers. K-Dot tweeted about the secret show on Friday, November 16 after a Lakers game which then instantly drew an unexpected huge number of spectators at the corner of 12th and Figueroa that apparently was too chaotic for the cops’ peace and order standards. The surprise show was part of the musician’s gig for Yahoo!’s Crash Concerts and came on the eve of his “good kid, m.A.A.d city” release. A massive crowd of eager fans and bystanders swarmed the L.A. streets after hearing news of the live performance and in no time, the number of people exceeded the limit allowed by the city. (Ace Showbiz)

Although able to perform a few songs, Lamar’s show swiftly got stopped by law enforcement.

Lamar set up his Crash Concert on top of a double decker bus complete with DJ equipment and the Yahoo! logo for the show. The hometown emcee was able to perform his singles “Swimming Pools”, “The Recipe”, and a bonus from his “Section .80″ set before police choppers and patrol cars went in to disperse the crowd and pull the plug for the entire show. (Ace Showbiz)

Reportedly prior to the police involvement, Lamar spoke on the set-up behind his surprise concert and its location.

“I wanted to do something special . . . that actually made a point, made a statement,” he says during an exclusive interview with Yahoo! “Better to do it in our hometown, right after the Laker game,” he explains. “I’ve never done a surprise show like this.” The massive crowd spilled into the streets, exceeding the limits allowed by the city. After performing “Swimming Pools,” “The Recipe,” and a bonus from his “Section 80″ release, the police disperse the crowd as a chopper hovers over. Yahoo! and Lamar make the evening news. (Rolling Stone)

After only three weeks on store shelves, Lamar’s new solo effort has sold over 340,000 copies.

West Coast rap newcomer Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city moved down four spots to No. 9 with 40,100. With three weeks in the books, the Aftermath rapper’s studio debut has sold 344,600 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

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