Plies & Yo Gotti’s Grinds Pay Off, Young Jeezy Rewards Them W/ “TM103″ Features

Plies & Yo Gotti’s Grinds Pay Off, Young Jeezy Rewards Them W/ “TM103″ Features

Southern rapper Young Jeezy recently opened up about his reasons for linking with Yo Gotti and Plies for guest appearances on his upcoming Thug Motivation 103 (TM103) album.

For Jizzle, their respective grinds caught his attention and earned the Snowman’s respect.

“Me and Gotti kind of came up at the same time,” Jeezy said in an interview. “But I respected his grind just as well as he respected mine. Same thing with Plies. We kind of cover the same routes with what we do. Of course I’ve sold records in other places, but I don’t ever want to forget. ‘Cause I was always that cat trying to get to the next level, and no one lent their hand out. I had to grind my way up. So I feel like the big homie, like, ‘Come on, y’all, let me show you over here.’ Just as well as showing the people over here who don’t understand why I act the way I act, this is what I come from. And look who I’m bringing with me? You heard of them, but you don’t know them. But now you know them.” (MTV)

In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Jeezy justified not rushing out his long-awaited LP.

“I’m doin’ what any n*gga would do on his fourth album,” Jeezy says. “I’m gettin’ it together. I’m not just gon’ give you anything, to be hot and relevant. That don’t make sense. That’s like telling a muthaf*cka anything just to get it done. I’ma be straight up with you, so when you walk away, even if you ain’t satisfied, I kept it real. I kept it 100. And that’s the way I feel. I wouldn’t even call it the top of my game. I’m just really figuring out the music sh*t.” (XXL Mag)

Prior to receiving a September 28th release, Jeezy’s album was scheduled for late August.

Young Jeezy is motivated to get his album out by the end of summer. The rapper has set a new release date for his oft-delayed project. The Atlanta MC’s fourth major label studio album Thug Motivation 103 is scheduled to drop on August 31, has learned. It has been delayed numerous times since last year, but looks to have finally found its footing. Two singles, “All White Everything” and the street anthem “Lose My Mind,” have been sent to digital retailers and radio. (Rap-Up)

Producer Drumma Boy recently talked about working on Jeezy’s new album.

“With Jeezy, it’s funny because when it comes to the music, I already know what he wants,” Drumma said in an interview. “We’ve never actually worked in the studio together. The first time I ever heard ‘Put On’ was on the radio. [Laughs] Just the other day, he called me as soon as I woke up. First call of the day. He was like, ‘Where you at? I need to get some more music.’ I’ll give him the intersection I’m at and he’ll just ride down right then, pick up a beat CD and keep it moving. It’s like a real dope deal. I really got crack! [Laughs] All our joints come that way. Even with [the album’s street single] ‘Lose My Mind,’ I didn’t hear that until we mixed it. So I can’t tell you exactly what I’ve got on there yet, but in addition to “Lose My Mind,” I’m gonna have two of three other joints on the album.” (VIBE)

Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 is scheduled to drop Tuesday, September 28th.

Check out some past Young Jeezy footage below:

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