Plies Searches For “Goonette” For TV Contest, “It’s A Female That’s Strong & Independent” [Video]

Plies Searches For “Goonette” For TV Contest, “It’s A Female That’s Strong & Independent” [Video]

Plies has announced plans to kick-off a television reality series searching for his own personal “goonette.”

In a MySpace video, the rapper revealed his ideal version of the perfect woman, or “goonette”.

“Anytime you see me in front of the camera you know I got some breaking news for ya. So what I want to bring to you right now is to introduce to you my TV series, brah, that’s on its way real real soon…I’m finding people that’s interested in me enough that I can get them the stamp of approval and label ‘em a goonette. For y’all that don’t know what a goonette is, it’s a female that’s strong, independent female who fights through her trials and tribulations…it’s a female hustler. (MySpace)

Jadakiss also recently revealed plans to launch a new BET reality show in search of an ideal deejay.

“I got this show coming on BET finding a new deejay,” Jada said in an interview. “I’m gonna go to Chicago, Miami, Cali, Atlanta, Philly. Pick some males and females, bring ‘em back to [Yonkers, New York] and put ‘em in the house and make ‘em do some P.Diddy sh*t and see what happens…I’ll make ‘em dig in some crates and find some wax, see who can really rock two turn tables…See if they can make a beat…And then whoever wins can really become my deejay and go out on tour with me. We’ll probably start recording in two or three weeks or so…Nowadays the rap game is just a stepping stone to do other things.” (iHipHop)

Other rappers including Rick Ross have begun making the move towards television specials and series.

“So what we did was we got with BET and we chronicle my life so people can understand that by the time I was 17 years-old, 18 years-old, I was in a nice home, I was in whips, I was doing a lot of different things and I made a few moves.” (Big Boy’s Neighborhood)

Aside from television, Plies previously spoke with SOHH about his role in hip-hop.

“A lot of people that follow me from my core audience, from my mixtape days up until now has always kinda categorized me as the realest in their opinion,” he said. “[Da Realist] was kinda my salute back to all my core audience who followed me for so many years…To have my third album and to not have had a rap collaboration yet I think it speaks volumes of my character…I never came into this game looking for a cosigner” (SOHH)

Check out Plies’ reality show announcement below:

“Goonette” Trailer

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