Plies Questions Lyrical MC’s Sincerity, “You Can’t Find A Dude Great W/ Words That’s 100% Truthful”


Plies’ third album, Da Realist, is due to hit stores this December.  In this SOHH Exclusive, the Ft. Myers, Florida based rapper explains why he chooses straightforward story telling over complex lyrics.

Plies was 27 years-old when he released his debut album.  Since then, he’s been busy making up for lost time by putting out LPS at a rapid pace. This December, Plies will follow up The Real Testament and Definition of Real with Da Realist, his third album in less than a year and a half.

The Atlantic rapper said the title is a tribute to the loyal fans that have been supporting him throughout his career.
“A lot of people that follow me from my core audience, from my mixtape days up until now has always kinda categorized me as the realest in their opinion,” he said.  “It was kinda my salute back to all my core audience who followed me for so many years.”

For Plies, being the realest rapper means being honest about his position in the industry and acknowledging his shortcomings.  On the recently released street single, “Heard Of Me” Plies rhymes, “they said I ain’t lyrical/ well I’m sorry B/ dropped out of college/ ain’t earned my degree.”

The “Bust It Baby” rapper is unapologetic about his lack of lyricism because he thinks that the truth can get lost in metaphors and double entendres and he’d rather keep it real.

“Not knocking any of the lyrical artists in the industry but what does that really mean?” he asked.  “That means you’re articulate.  I think it means you’re clever but to me I think to be those things… I don’t want to call you a liar but you have to be unrealistic to a certain extent.  You can’t find a dude that’s great with words that its 100 percent truthful as well.”

On his new album, Plies truthfully reveals the reality of his home life.  In a song called “Family Straight” the rapper asks God for the opportunity to get his family in order before he passes away.  Plies talks about his grandmother’s kidney failure, his brother’s prison sentence and his aunt’s battle with AIDS, among other things.

“Regardless of what I’ve been able to accomplish in my life from a fame perspective, from a financial aspect, those things don’t change what goes on in your family structure,” said Plies.  “It ain’t no amount of money that can speed up the process of my grandmother getting a kidney transplant.”

On this album, like his previous two, Plies will rely on beats from his own in-house producers.  He also plans to continue his tradition of excluding guest appearances from fellow rappers.

“I stayed away again from the rap collaboration but I do have two respectful R&B collaborations on this album that I think people will be happy with,” Plies revealed.

“To have my third album and to not have had a rap collaboration yet I think it speaks volumes of my character,” he added. “I never came into this game looking for a cosigner.”

Da Realist will hit stores on December 16th, 2008.

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