Plies’ Brother Set Free, Lil Boosie Concert Shooting Cost Him 3 Years

Plies’ Brother Set Free, Lil Boosie Concert Shooting Cost Him 3 Years

Plies recently welcomed his brother Ronell “Big Gates” Levatte home after serving three years behind bars for a Lil Boosie concert shooting, which led him to plead guilty to attempted murder.

Plies expressed the meaning of his brothers’ release and focus on being a “voice” for incarcerated men and women.

“I thank everybody that continued to pray for my situation with my brother,” Plies said in an interview. “I had a chance to go down to Coleman correctional facility and see him walk out. That meant everything to me. I haven’t had a chance to enjoy an Easter with him over the course of the last three years…It’s a lot of pain and struggle that they go through. My new vow that I made to myself is that regardless of my situation and my fame, [rapping about the penile system] that’s something that’s always gonna be a part of me and my responsibility to do everything I can to make sure that those people’s voices behind those walls live on. I’ll always be a representation of them.” (MTV)

Gates was arrested following a concert in 2006.

Gates has been serving time in Florida due to his alleged involvement with a shooting incident at a 2006 Plies and Lil Boosie show in Gainesville, Florida. He was charged with six counts of attempted murder. Firearms were found in the vehicle he was driving, which was registered in his name and he was a convicted felon already. According to Gates, after being confronted with 90 witnesses the state planned to call at his trial, he took a plea agreement of 3 years and although he has now been released, still will remain “heavily monitored” for several months. (Keep It Trill)

He is reportedly responsible for launching Plies’ rap career.

Levatte is the business mind behind Big Gates Records who convinced his brother Plies to rap, linked up with Ted Lucas at Slip N Slide, and the rest is history. He is perusing a luxury car dealership in Tampa to pick out an appropriate welcome-home whip. Big Gates Records’ upcoming projects include a double CD from Plies, debut albums from R&B singer Chris J and R&B group Unique Image and the development of a white rapper whom Gates calls “the greatest rapper alive” that he met while incarcerated. (Ozone Magazine)

Aside from music, Plies recently announced plans to kick-off a television reality series searching for his own personal “Goonette.”

“Anytime you see me in front of the camera you know I got some breaking news for ya. So what I want to bring to you right now is to introduce to you my TV series, brah, that’s on its way real real soon…I’m finding people that’s interested in me enough that I can get them the stamp of approval and label ‘em a goonette. For y’all that don’t know what a goonette is, it’s a female that’s strong, independent female who fights through her trials and tribulations…it’s a female hustler. (MySpace)

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