Plies Addresses Alleged Beef W/ T-Pain, “I’mma Take The High Road Every Time”


Southern rap star Plies has spoken on his relationship with Grammy-winning singer T-Pain, who allegedly called the rapper "disrespectful."

In a radio interview on Tampa’s “Orlando and the Freakshow,” the Florida-bred rapper clarified his relationship with the singer and the “disrespectful” label he’s received for not collaborating more with Pain.

“I think I’m probably the most respecful artists in the business and the game,” Plies said. “It’s been several dudes who have put me into their situation and I’mma take the high road every time because I understand how important this is…I have a bigger picture I’m trying to accumulate on a national level.”

Despite promising to avoid any rap beefs for the time being, Plies did claim there could be a situation where he would address all confrontations.

“One day, if it’s God’s will, and I’m not hot anymore, I’mma address all of this,” he said. “But while I’m luke warm right now, I ain’t got time to deal with it.”

While thanking Pain for helping him launch his career with the song “Shawty,” Plies also pointed out the singer’s ironic reception from hip-hop, most notably not appearing on a major hip-hop magazine.

“I tell people all the time, in his defense, that for a dude to be on 40 records, for a dude to be a monster at radio — you never have seen Pain on the cover of a magazine,” he added. “I feel it’s because people don’t respect what he’s brought to this industry.”

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