Pleasure P Fires Warning Shots, “If N*ggas Thought It Was Over They Got Another Thing Coming”

Pleasure P Fires Warning Shots, “If N*ggas Thought It Was Over They Got Another Thing Coming”

R&B singer Pleasure P has risen from the shadows and sent a warning shot to critics a year after making headlines for being accused of child molestation.

Writing on his Twitter page, Pleasure P announced his return and aim for war.

“i should leak a record off the new album i just cant stand wack music if i leak it how many of yall gone download it? im killin these n*ggaz,” P tweeted Wednesday (December 28).

“mutha f*ckas talking bout let it go i aint letting sh*t go half the world think im something that im not yall dont know what that feels like”

“i had a year to prepare for war now war is about to begin if n*ggaz thought it was over they got another thing coming hahahahahahaha” (Pleasure P’s Twitter)

Last December, Pleasure P discussed his difficulty in battling child molestation charges.

“I work so hard for my good name and my name goes a long way,” he explained, in response to the accusation. “I got a 5 year-old son. We’re talking family here. I don’t find none of the lies funny. I take it very seriously. It’s false, it’s a lie. This is not [even] a girl. It’s a fake person, somebody that doesn’t exist.” (MTV)

He previously revealed how the situation forced him to leave an R. Kelly tour.

“It actually came from a no-face blogger, a person that don’t exist on the internet,” he told the host. “A person who won’t show their face just decided ‘I’m going to put out some false information about Mr. Pleasure P.’ We dealing with it right now. I took off the R. Kelly tour just to deal with this issue. It’s a very serious matter and it could happen to anybody. It could happen to you. That a person put something out there like that and people actually believing it.” “You gotta look at it this way,” Pleasure P’s lawyeradded, “How do you defend yourself against a lie on the internet? It’s virtually impossible. The only thing that this unnamed person has come forward with are these documents and if you look at them they don’t make sense. They are cobbled together.” (Necole Bitchie)

Molestation accusations against P invaded music blogs over a year ago.

The daughter of Pleasure P’s lawyer is now coming out on Twitter to reveal what she says is the truth about the R&B star. She says that he molested several children, including a 3-year old boy and a 4-year old girl who are his niece and nephew. This is the Twitter page of the woman who is speaking out against Pleasure P. Why is she speaking? Because apparently Pleasure P is very behind on his lawyer bills. (Gather)

Pleasure P’s Introduction of Marcus Cooper solo album debuted in 2009 and has reportedly sold over 300,000 copies to date.

Check out Pleasure P speaking on the accusations down below:

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