Playaz Circle Foiled By Internet Leak, “Somebody Gotta Get Punished”

Playaz Circle Foiled By Internet Leak, “Somebody Gotta Get Punished”

Tity Boi and Dolla Boy of the Atlanta based duo Playaz Circle recently spoke to SOHH about the leak of their new Lil’ Wayne-assisted single, and how the internet disrupted their plans.

Playaz Circle said someone has to pay for leaking their latest song, “Big Dog,” which features Lil Wayne.

“We knew it was going to leak but we wanted to put a plan behind it and somebody done leaked it out on us,” Dolla told SOHH. “Somebody gotta get punished, beat up behind this. We gon get to the end of it by the end of the day. You’ll hear about it somebody gon get beat up behind that.” (SOHH)

Along with Lil Wayne, Playaz Circle has other major guests on their new album, Flight 360.

“Of course we got a couple of good features on there. Another jam along with Wayne. One with Luda[cris], one with Cee-Lo Green. Flight 360 is the album that deals with a lot of growth. It just shows since the success of ‘Duffel Bag Boy.’  We’ve traveled a lot.  We’ve stayed first class a lot.  We’ve seen a lot of different cultures, we’ve admired a lot of different things. We feel like this is a complete conceptual street album.” (SOHH)

Though Weezy may have outshined them on “Duffle Bag Boy,” Dolla says Playa Circle welcomed the major co-sign.

“We was new acts from the jump to come in the game like that with a big smash like that it demanded respect from everybody including some of the big artists,” said Dolla. “It was like a big step for me and Tit and plus Wayne is like family. It worked out for the both of us. When we came with ‘Duffle Bag’ it kinda like silenced a lot of critics.” (SOHH)

The duo’s buzz began to explode around 2007 which led to their debut album’s release.

Patiently waiting for their already finished album to be released, Playaz Circle made noise with their Top Five Hip-Hop/R&B single “Duffle Bag Boy,” featuring Lil Wayne on the hook, in summer 2007. The song’s growing popularity helped break down major-label red tape for the two, making it the lead single for DTP’s third LP, Strength in Numbers (2008), as well as their debut album, Supply and Demand (2007). (All Music)

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