Pimp C Car Crash Lands Man 70 Years Behind Bars

Pimp C Car Crash Lands Man 70 Years Behind Bars

A man has been sentenced to 70 years behind bars over a 2006 aggravated assault case which involved a car crash with the late Pimp C.

The incident was initially sparked when the man, Shawn Donnell Jones, was struck with bullets following a music video shoot.

In response, Jones released gunfire which erupted leaving their rear windshield shattered by a round from an SKS assault rifle he fired, according to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office. A chase began at that point, with Jones following the victims and firing at them several times, striking their car with at least six shots. The assault only ended when the victims’ car ran into Pimp C’s car at an intersection. (PA News)

Pimp C’s police escorts eventually helped capture Jones.

Police escorting the rap star immediately gave chase and captured Jones and his accomplice Joseph Paul Smith, who was driving while Jones was firing. Evidence included gripping video footage of the chase, and Jones’ fingerprints on a partially empty box of bullets and a clip from the assault rifle, both of which had been thrown from the car during the chase. In the punishment phase of the trial, there was also proof of Jones’ 19 previous criminal convictions, along with 90 incidents of misconduct while incarcerated. (Beaumonte Enterprise)

The late rapper passed away December 2007 from medical complications.

Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics responding to a 911 call found the 33-year-old native of Port Arthur, Texas, lying on his bed at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. (LA Times)

Despite his passing, the rapper’s music continues to live on.

“I hear him sampled on hooks and hear all the good music he made while alive and I know we will never forget what he did for Texas,” Slim Thug previously told SOHH. “It’s UGK4life b*tch!” (SOHH)

UGK’s final album, UGK 4 Life, is currently available.

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