Pill Responds To Jae Millz, “Keep Walking Around Holding Lil Wayne’s D*ck” [Video]

Pill Responds To Jae Millz, “Keep Walking Around Holding Lil Wayne’s D*ck” [Video]

Southern rapper Pill has responded to Jae Millz‘s negative remarks about XXL Magazine’s Freshmen 2010 list.

Pill claims he is unfamiliar with Jae‘s past work.

“It’s his opinion, you know what I mean,” Pill said in an interview. “I can’t really knock nobody’s opinion…I never heard of him, you know what I mean? Keep it real, I don’t know who he is. But I’m sure [Lil] Wayne got some b*tches he needs for him to go get from the outside and bring it to the VIP, that’s his job. But me, I’m just doing me. I’m on the cover of the XXL so you know, f*ck him. Eat a d*ck. ATL said that. ATL said that. If you in the ATL, you better watch your back f*ck n*gga…Only thing I heard is that he’s been in the game for ten years and hasn’t dropped an album. That speaks for itself. I mean, UPS is hiring. Maybe that’s something he can do in the meantime, some sh*t like that…From what I heard, he’s a bum, all I can say is keep complaining, that’s a female trait…Do what you do, keep walking around holding Wayne’s d*ck. He’ll be out in a minute, I’m sure you can give him some head after he touches down, I’m sure you’re one of the groupies that’s f*cking him after the shows. Shout-out to Gay Millz.” (Hip Hop Beef)

Responding to Pill’s remarks, Jae said he was looking forward to visiting the rapper’s Atlanta, Georgia hometown via Twitter.

“I just heard I can’t go 2 ATL!!!#WhereTheyDoThatAt Don’t let my opinion change the way u gotta move & live ur life! #RealSh*t,” Millz wrote late Thursday (April 1) night.” (Jae Millz’s Twitter)

Nipsey Hussle, another 2010 freshman, addressed the controversy on Twitter.

“‘N*ggaz got they pantys in a bunch over that xxl cover….,” he wrote Tuesday (March 30) night. “and 4 tha record if u been rappin 10 years and ain’t drop yet….its over! -Nh.” (Nipsey Hussle’s Twitter)

When asked his opinion, J. Cole said he understood Millz’s stance on the situation.

“I haven’t,” Cole said when asked if he was familiar with Vado. “But I did see that — I heard he co-signed him. I don’t know who in particular he was talking about and I don’t know him but if that’s his opinion, that’s his opinion. Like, that’s how I feel. I don’t feel any type of ill will towards him for saying that, if that’s how he feels, he’s sticking up for his man there. That’s what it is but I feel like whoever is on that cover would beg to differ. I personally, it don’t matter to me because I know what I deserve and what I don’t deserve. I know what I work for. But I feel like, I don’t know, everybody on that cover could make that case, if you ask them.” (Miss Info TV)

Check out Pill speaking on Jae Millz below:

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