Photo Of Diddy’s $500,000 Car, Bodyguard Handcuffed At Gunpoint Revealed

Photo Of Diddy’s $500,000 Car, Bodyguard Handcuffed At Gunpoint Revealed

A day after Diddy’s bodyguard had to exit his Mercedes Maybach at gunpoint by Los Angeles police, a photo from the incident has emerged online.

In the photo, Puff Daddy’s security is shown surrendering to police just feet away from the whip.

Cops were all over Diddy’s $500,000 Maybach yesterday like WHITE ON RICE … guns at the ready … suspect handcuffed on his knees … and we’ve got a photo of the incredible scene. As we reported, a fleet of squad cars roared to L.A.’s Soho House yesterday following a 911 call about a suspicious black car with a weapon inside. When they arrived to the scene, cops pulled over Diddy’s Maybach. The car — driven by Diddy’s bodyguard — had just dropped off the hip-hop mogul at the exclusive West Hollywood club and was driving away … but it barely left the driveway before cops got to it. (TMZ)

Despite the seriousness, Diddy was not in the car when the cops arrived.

The drama unfolded Wednesday in Los Angeles, prompted by a 911 call. At least five police cruisers responded and police pulled two people out of the vehicle, creating quite a sight. Lucky for Diddy he wasn’t in the car. Unlucky for his bodyguard, he WAS in the car and ended up cuffed in the middle of the street, on his knees. (RadarOnline)

Back in early April, police surrounded the rap mogul’s Los Angeles crib as a result of a prank.

Sean Combs is the latest celebrity to be targeted by the wave of “swatting” pranks that are sweeping Hollywood. More than a dozen police cars and two helicopters raced to the Bad Boy mogul’s L.A. home yesterday after a 911 caller claimed that someone was shot inside the residence. After securing both Diddy’s house and his neighbor’s, actor Steve Carell, the cops determined that the call was a prank and dispersed. (BET)

When not dodging law enforcement, Puff is showing off his sense of humor with clips like the new “Downton Diddy” skit.

Diddy will not be starring in Downton Abbey, in spite of apparently claiming he would be taking a recurring role in the hit costume drama. The US rapper turned out to have been promoting a skit on Will Ferrell’s Funny Or Die website. The prospect of Lord and Lady Grantham being overshadowed by glittering bling, and Cristal served to a disapproving dowager countess was raised on 15 May when Diddy announced via his Twitter feed he would be joining the cast of Julian Fellowes’s ITV drama. (The Guardian)

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