Phonte Questions Drake’s Dedication, “My Attempts To Make Something Happen [Lead] To A Dead End”

Phonte Questions Drake’s Dedication, “My Attempts To Make Something Happen [Lead] To A Dead End”

Former Little Brother member Phonte has called into question Drake‘s true appreciation for him, as the North Carolinian emcee revealed his failed attempts to snag the Young Money star for a collaboration.

Acknowledging Drake dedicating his BMI Awards “Songwriter of the Year” trophy to him over the weekend, Phonte pondered why they have yet to collaborate on a joint effort.

“To my knowledge, [a Take Care collaboration] is not happening. We’ve made contact with each other but all of my attempts to make something real happen have led to a dead end,” Phonte said in an interview. “I saw that he dedicated his BMI award to me and while that was a very noble and thoughtful gesture, I’d much rather he had dedicated himself to finishing a verse for one of me and 9th [Wonder]‘s songs. That, to me, seems like a more tangible way of showing gratitude. But with that said, I’m still a fan and I think he’s an incredibly talented artist. When Take Care drops, he’s got my money.” (The Source)

Along with Phonte, Drizzy gave props to rap stars Kanye West and Andre 3000 for inspiring his music.

“Well, first of all, I gotta thank all of my friends and everybody that I work with,” Drake said during his acceptance speech. “I really want to dedicate this award, real quick, to my mother who never gave me the definition of a word in my life. She always made me go look it up — and I also want to dedicate this to Kanye West, Andre 3000 and to Phonte from Little Brother.” (Rap-Up TV)

Last October, Drake talked about working alongside 9th Wonder for his Take Care LP.

“I think the best part about what me and 9th have is time,” Drake said in an interview. “We have time to get it right so a lot of the collaborative that’s been going on at this point have been discussions — like, when I work [with] somebody, because I work so close with 40, because I know Boi-1da so well, they’ve been in my life since I was 18, 19. I like to really know somebody if I’m going to bring them in on a project. I think the best part is me and 9th, I’ve probably seen more of 9th than my mom in the last three weeks. I mean, me and 9th, we’re building towards a working relationship that goes beyond ‘Oh let me get some beats and I’ll record to them.’ I’m more looking forward to when I get off this tour in November, sitting down together, really crafting some stuff and we’ve talked about some things that would be great.” (The Wonder Year)

Earlier this year, Phonte and 9th Wonder reunited after internal problems caused their separation the late 2000’s.

“Took 4 years, 2 plates of food and 6 hrs. of convo, but we squashed it. #brotherhood,” Phonte tweeted on January 2nd. “I appreciate the love for me and @9thwondermusic, but us mending our rift had nothing to do with music and everything to do with manhood…We may collaborate in time, but this is not the start of a LB reunion as neither of us have interest in doing so. Sorry to disappoint. Our friendship began as Phonte Coleman and Patrick Douthit long before a ‘LB’ or ‘9th Wonder’ existed. This was about rebuilding that bond. So in closing, happy new year to all our supporters past and present. Feels great to start the year on a positive note. One love.” (Phonte’s Twitter)

Check out Drake dedicating his BMI award to Phonte below:

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