Philly Pastor Scolds Meek Mill Over ‘Amen’ Anthem, “He Lost His Hood Pass By Making This Song”

Philly Pastor Scolds Meek Mill Over ‘Amen’ Anthem, “He Lost His Hood Pass By Making This Song”

As Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill‘s “Amen” continues to garner more mainstream attention, fellow Philadelphian Pastor Jomo K. Johnson has hit up SOHH with his critical analysis of the record.

While he acknowledges Meek’s musical talent, Johnson said his main issue with the rapper is the new song’s content.

“I have respect for Meek Mill as an artist and fellow Philadelphia native. The church that I started, is right down the street from where he grew up. But he lost his hood pass by making this song. North Philadelphia is a highly religious community, Christian and Muslim. And for him to make a song like this is disrespect to every believer in Christ,” Jomo told SOHH in a statement. “As stated, Meek would never have the nuts to make a song disrespecting Mohammed or the Mosque because he knows Muslims would never let him return to Philadelphia. So he chose to mock the Christian church. But I want him to know, that if he comes back to Philly to perform this Summer at Fairmount Park, POAC, (Philly Open Air Church) will be there to meet him and hold him accountable. Christ is a forgiving Lord, but he will not be mocked. And neither will his Church. [sic]” (SOHH)

In addition to these remarks, Jomo also made a blog post detailing his problems with “Amen.”

As a Hip Hop Fan and Pastor in North Philadelphia, I am saddened to have heard Meek Mill’s new song “Amen” off his Dream Chaser’s 2 mixtape. My church is a just a few blocks away from where Meek aka Robert Williams grew up at, and he is widely respected as a great rapper and hometown native. But with this latest song Mr. Williams has displayed a great disrespect for Philadelphia’s Christian community. (Deadest Rapper Alive)

There is currently an “Amen” music video slated to premiere in the near future.

On Tuesday June 19th, Meek Mill’s Dreams & Nightmares first single “Amen” featuring Drake will get an official release on iTunes and other digital outlets. Today we can provide you with a look at the single’s official artwork as well as a lyric video for the track which was also featured on Meek’s DreamChasers 2 mixtape. Artwork above, lyric video after the break. Meek Mill and Drake recently shot the video for “Amen” in Meek’s hometown of Philly at the Art Museum. (Rap Dose)

Recently, veteran hip-hop producer Dame Grease told SOHH he views Meek as the hottest new rapper out.

“I can tell you who’s the best new artist, that I like, with the lyrics and style. I like Meek Mill,” Grease told SOHH. “He’s like the f*ckin’ only rapper that’s been out for the past couple years. You gotta understand, man, I’m from the era of rapping on the corner in Harlem where the dude raps, you might get slapped at the same time. At the same time, that made me think about how DMX and The LOX came out with straight bars. So of course being straight bars, it’s always a part of it but knowing how the game goes, I’ve gotta re-forecast my direction toward image, different things. You know what I’m saying? Movement. Originality. Those different things, you know what I’m saying? But my basis is straight bars. You know what I’m saying? Straight bars. I ain’t gonna lie, for years, ain’t nobody kick no bars like, ‘Ohh. Ohh, that’s deep.'” (SOHH)

Check out “Amen” below:

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