Pharrell’s Oversized Grammys Hat Sparks Online Chaos, Huge Orders On Deck

Pharrell’s Oversized Grammys Hat Sparks Online Chaos, Huge Orders On Deck

The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams may end up having the last laugh after sparking a ton of playful memes and jokes following his decision to don a now-infamous oversized brown hat at Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

According to reports, there is now massive interest by consumers to purchase the hat.

After the hat was identified as an item from Vivienne Westwood’s 1982 collection, the website for her World’s End shop (where it is exclusively sold) crashed due to high traffic, a rep for the brand said. (It’s now back online.) A sales representative at the Vivienne Westwood boutique in West Hollywood, the brand’s only free-standing store in the States, tells the Cut that there have been “plenty of people inquiring about how they can order it” since Sunday, and too many phone calls to count. (NY Mag)

If all goes accordingly, a select amount of the hats will be made available next month for just under $200.

Because of the demand, the brand representative says, Westwood has chosen to stock the hat in the L.A. boutique — as originally reported by the Los Angeles Times. A limited-edition run of the hat will be sold there beginning in mid-February; the hats will be sold in black and brown for $180, and can apparently be pre-ordered now by calling the boutique. (NY Mag)

With jabs thrown at him over donning an oversized brown hat, Pharrell jumped into the action via his Twitter page this week.

It’s the first time Smokey Bear’s ever added fuel to a fire — telling TMZ, he couldn’t be more amped that Pharrell ripped off his famous hat last night at the Grammys … which is more than we can say for Arby’s. If you didn’t watch the Grammy Awards last night, you probably still saw Pharrell’s insane Smokey Bear styled hat somewhere on the horizon … and it caused a FIRESTORM on the Internet. Obviously we didn’t speak directly to Smokey Bear — he’s way too busy fighting fires — but his rep tells us, they’re ecstatic … Pharrell’s hat “is proof that Smokey is as relevant an icon today as he was 70 years ago.” Even Arby’s got in on the action … tweeting, “Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back?” Pharrell tweeted back, “Y’all tryna start a roast beef?” (TMZ)

A mass majority of the jokes appeared to stem from various Twitter pages.

“Happy” singer Pharrell Williams, 40, wore a large brown headpiece to the Grammy Awards on Sunday night — where he cleaned up with seven nominations in five different categories — and everyone had something to say, or tweet, about it. Smokey the Bear’s hat, Arby’s restaurant logo, Woody’s hat from “Toy Story” and even the Sorting Hat from “Harry Potter” were among the famous chapeaus drawing comparisons to the record producer’s award show look. “Thanks @Pharrell for a memorable #GRAMMYs night. Only you can prevent wildfires. @smokey_hat” (New York Daily News)

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