Pharrell On N.E.R.D.’s New Album, “We Just Want To Talk To The Girls” [Video]

Pharrell On N.E.R.D.’s New Album, “We Just Want To Talk To The Girls” [Video]

Pharrell Williams recently opened up about  N.E.R.D.‘s upcoming Nothing album and explained why women will be a primary focus this time around.

According to Pharrell, the project will be more emotional than previous releases.

“This album, I think, is made for the women who like to take a load off and feel,” Pharrell said in an interview. “This album is all about feeling. We made the first three albums, there was a lot of thought put into it. But this album, I feel we put a lot more feeling into it. There is thought, but there’s more feeling…I feel like did what we set out to do on the first album which is to have a lot of fun and give people music that they could feel because I feel music is in a wonderful place right now. It’s changing — it’s feel good music — there’s also the wars and I just think people are tired of thinking about that type of stuff all day long and they just want to go back to feeling so they can remember who they are, but, we just want to talk to the girls…” (Total KISS TV)

According to reports, the album will move from a June to July release date.

If you were planning to bump some new N.E.R.D. at your Fourth of July barbecue, you’ll have to wait. The trio’s album has been delayed three weeks. Nothing, the fourth effort from Pharrell, Chad, and Shae, is now set to arrive on July 6, has learned. It was previously scheduled for a June 15 release. Albums from Kelis and Big Boi are also due the first week of July. Click here for our summer release schedule. (Rap-Up)

Pharrell recently talked about trashing nearly 30 recorded tracks for the album.

“We scrapped 27 records because they weren’t good enough, they sounded great – but what were they saying? So we went back in (to the studio) and just focused on feeling…,” he revealed in an interview. “It’s almost like we did this whole entire album with our eyes closed, not because it was that easy but because it was that important to reconnect to what we feel and I would say this album is like scrapping everything and starting with nothing…The musichas been especially tuned in frequencies to speak to women… women will literally feel this, we are doing some other next level experimentation with this music…You know what’s so funny, It’s that not once do we say t*t or a** or anything that you think could be automatically erogenous but I think that the right mentality and good and pure intention is the sexiest thing that I could ever give to a woman.” (MTV UK)

The group is known for releasing nearly a decade of music together.

The acronym N.E.R.D. stands for “No One Ever Really Dies,” but childhood friends Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams, and Shay most certainly used the group to proudly emphasize the nerdier aspects of their musical personalities. Before this side project took shape, Hugo and Williams — as the Neptunes — had established themselves as giants in the field of pop production, whether they were working with hardcore rappers, smooth crooners, or teen pop groups. (All Music)

Check out Pharrell speaking on the new album down below:

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