Pharrell Goes Green, Transforms Bottles Into Clothes W/ New Venture

Mega producer Pharrell Williams has partnered with textile firm Bionic Yarn to help create usable products from recycled bottles.

According to All Headline News, the Grammy winning artist will become the company’s owner and spokesperson as he aims to better the world by taking in plastic containers and transforming them into usable objects.

“I’m so interested with the technology behind this,” Pharrell said in a statement. “I am also very concerned with the environment and want to make a conscious effort to make it better. We want to provide quality fabrics that also happen to be sustainable.”

While various ideas are being formed, the Neptunes frontman expects to create a variety of items including wearable outfits.

“We want to do everything from high end luggage, to high end denim, to university caps and gowns to Parks Department uniforms,” he added. “It’s a plus that the fabric brings environmentalism to a whole new level.”

The New York-based company claims more than 60 million plastic bottles are destroyed daily while they are capable of producing an average piece of luggae from 18 one-liter containers and a pair of jeans from seven.

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