Pharrell Fans Spazz Out Over Nazi Salute

Pharrell Fans Spazz Out Over Nazi Salute

The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams has found himself in hot water after footage recently hit the Internet suggesting he gave the Nazi salute during a live performance.

Addressing the footage, Pharrell’s camp denied the hitmaker had extremist connections.

“You can’t see it because his hand isn’t in the picture, but Pharrell is throwing up the Star Trek sign, which is also the sign for his record label, Star Trak. To suggest that he is doing anything else is wrong and downright silly.” (TMZ)

The video clip began circulating online early this week.

This week saw a rumor surface that Pharrell Williams threw a Nazi salute during a live show. The rapper was performing in Sin City with N.E.R.D. when it’s claimed he gave the offensive hand sign to members of the audience. A fan-shot video from the audience soon appeared online which appears to show the incident. (OMG Music)

Aside from Nazi rumors, Pharrell recently discussed his plan to release a Neptunes album this year.

“This new Neptunes record we’re working on right now is vicious,” he says excitedly. “It’s definitely harder – it totally demands sweat.” So how different is making a Neptunes album compared to N*E*R*D’s recent effort? “Music is music,” he says. “But with N*E*R*D we put more of our personality into it, that’s just us being us, and with Neptunes we produce for a lot of people so we allow space for their personalities, for them to be themselves and our music sort of commandeers the direction a bit.” He won’t give a release date – “But just know, I’m in here right now,” he says, before loud beats begin bouncing down the line. “Yeahhhh,” shouts Williams, “sweat time!” (The Herald Sun)

Last November, Pharrell dropped his N.E.R.D. compilation LP entitled, Nothing.

Hip-Hop trio N.E.R.D.’s Nothing finally debuted over the past week and opened at No. 21. With seven days under foot, Pharrell’s crew managed to secure 19,800 sold records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some recent Pharrell Williams footage below:

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